Sustainable Fashion and It’s Positive Affect On The Industry


Sustainable Fashion is a movement that aims at incorporating environmentally friendly practices into the clothing or fashion industry. It simply means having a sustainable lifestyle personally with regard to your clothing.

This concept has been adopted by manufacturers in order to create clothes that are beautiful, long-lasting, and eco-friendly. Sustainable Fashion intends to reduce the impact of our impact on the planet. The objective of this cause is to keep the earth in pristine condition so as not to cause global warming and to avoid damage to natural resources as well.

Here are some of its positive effects on the industry:

1. Initiation of Clothing Donations

As part of the sustainability efforts of a clothing company, donation drives are opened for the collection of old clothes that will be given to those in need or repurposed for the creation of new clothes. This way, the clothing company won’t need to produce new fabric for their new collections. It’s also an avenue for middle-class people to put their old clothes into use rather than just throw them away.

These efforts were well-accepted by consumers, and they have been donating their old clothes to these stores. Both the consumers and clothing stores greatly benefit from this. By participating in the movement, pre-loved clothes will be given to new owners or made into something else. It’s an advantage for clothing stores because they save on the costs of acquiring new fabric.

Not only do companies use old fabric to make new clothes, but they can also use recycled items to make new accessories! An example of this is szade recycled sunglasses. Using old or damaged glasses, the manufacturer crafts it into new, functional, and stylish sunglasses. Instead of having old glasses ending up in landfills, they are made brand new.

2. Environment Preservation

Contrary to what most people think, fashion is actually also an environmental hazard as its manufacturing and other industrial processes contribute around 10% of carbon emissions globally. With that said, the industry began to take steps in order to reduce the carbon footprint being produced by fashion factories and operations around the world.

The fashion industry is starting to pay attention to the environment as an area of concern as the global warming issue continues to escalate. Many people are starting to realize that by purchasing eco-friendly clothes and eco-friendly textiles, they are not only doing their part to help the environment but they are also saving themselves and their family, including their money. The need for sustainable fashion continues to grow and is expected to continue to boom in the years to come.

The driving force behind the call for sustainability in many industries today, including the fashion industry, is the urgent need to eliminate the negative impacts that global warming induces on nature and humanity by preserving the environment. We cannot ignore the effects of global warming and have to act now in order to save mother earth.

3. Thrift Shopping Culture

With sustainable fashion coming up to the surface and people becoming more aware of its environmental impact, the thrift shopping culture was born into the world. More people are hitting up thrift shops and vintage clothes. Again, this has prevented old clothes from filling up the landfills. Moreover, instead of buying new clothes, more people are getting pre-loved clothes to help save the environment. They love the idea of thrift shops because the clothes they purchase from these stores are unique and stylish too.

4. Lower Water Consumption

Did you know that water is actually one of the primary resources needed to produce clothes? To paint a picture in your mind, imagine that you’d need around 2,700 liters of water in order to produce one shirt. Cotton, which is the most common fabric for shirts, rely highly on water. By using sustainable fabric despite the COVID-19 pandemic, clothing companies will be able to reduce their water consumption immensely. In turn, this will greatly benefit the environment in the bigger picture.

5. Gain In Competitive Advantage

Being more in tune with the environment when it comes to making clothes will also give your clothing company a competitive advantage over other stores. Customers now prefer companies that value this and help instill the sustainable practices of the business as well. This will help brands reach new customers and revenue streams by reaching people who value companies with a sustainability mindset.


With the increasing demand for sustainable fashion, various manufacturers have decided to adopt the concept to create clothing that is better for the environment. The advantages of sustainable fashion are numerous to the company, consumer, and the environment.

So far, it’s been giving positive effects on all parties involved, most especially on the environment. With companies continually doing this, a major shift in the fashion industry has been gradually taking place for the better. Sustainability has revolutionized the fashion industry!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.