How to Pick the Right Bra – Ultimate Guide


Jene Luciani, the author of The Bra Book, says “A bra that’s too big, too small or just doesn’t fit right can cause back pain, irritate your skin and generally make you feel uncomfortable.”

Lingerie shopping is probably one sector where you must pay a lot of attention. Wearing the wrong-sized or wrong-typed bra not just has the potential to distract you but also ruin a great day. Having said that, picking the right bra is not always an easy task as the experience tends to frustrate most women quicker than they think. There are a lot of sizes and fabrics and colours to choose from, which can seemingly make your lingerie experience taxing.

Nonetheless, wearing the right bra boosts your confidence, keeps you focused, and also makes your garments look good.

Every woman has her own choice of a lingerie brand that is perfect for her. Listed below are a set of best bra brand:

  • Zivame
  • Amante
  • Enamor
  • Clovia
  • Da Intimo
  • Prettysecrets 
  • Jockey
  • Triumph
  • Inner sense
  • B’witch

Choosing the right bra for you can be such a mesmerizing relief. With a little planning prior to your shopping, you can pick up the right bra. Discussed below is your ultimate guide for selecting the right bra for you:

Measure before you go

It is crucial to take note that your bra size can change from year to year, so keep it in mind that you stay up to date. Alterations in weight and hormonal fluctuations due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, or menopause can affect the size of your bra. For this very reason, you must take your measurements before you go bra shopping. 

To measure, use a flexible cloth measuring tape to measure two areas – one is directly below your breasts around your rib cage, while the other being around the fullest part of your breasts. The first measurement is to determine your band size and the second measurement is for your cup size.

Some women find it extremely confusing to determine their cup size even after taking the measurements. Each inch above the band size equals the cup size. For instance, if your bank measurement is 32 inches and your cup measurement is 35 inches, the size of your bra will be 32C (since the cup size is 3 inches more than the band size).

While you can always ask for help from the salesperson at the store, it is always good to have some baseline numbers before you visit the store.

Wear a T-shirt when you shop

When you are out shopping for your bra, it is always a good idea to wear a T-shirt. This enables you to be able to see how your bra looks like when worn underneath the thinnest clothing. Especially for the girls who go to college, it is essential so that they do not come back home with a piece that makes them feel uncomfortable as they either spend most of their time in college or hanging out with friends.

Try it on right away

One of the most significant tips that cannot be overlooked while shopping for a bra is trying it right away before putting your cash and finalizing on a piece. To check if your bra fits you right lean halfway forward, scoop your breast tissue into the cups, and fasten the back. After fastening, make sure that you stand up straight to check the fit from all the angles. 

You must make sure that your bra strap is neither too loose to fall off your shoulder or too tight to hold your breasts up. Once scanned through the lingerie and satisfies you are ready to purchase it.

Watch for all key fits

While picking a bra there are a few things that you must keep in mind. Make sure that your bra is neither small nor large for you. If your breasts spill over the top of the cups, you have chosen a small bra, whereas if there is a gaping in the cups, you have chosen a bra that is bigger for your size. You must carefully avoid any pinching in the back band or rolls of skins bulging beyond the edge. 

Besides, you must keep a lookout for the bridge of the bra – the center between the cups – and the underwire around the sides to sit flush with your skin. Furthermore, you should be able to fasten your bra on the second hook or the third comfortably.

Buy enough to last

An average bra can last you a year or 6 months depending on how often it is worn and washed, without getting stretched out. Investing in a quality bra can last you about 6-8 months. However, it is recommended to keep changing your bra every six months.

You can choose two or three styles a once to provide you will plenty of choices to select from in the coming months. 

Following the aforementioned tips can come in handy while selecting the right bra for you and make your shopping experience bearable.

Listed below are a set of best bra types or style:

  • T-shirt bras
  • Sports bras
  • Wireless bras
  • Strapless bras
  • Backless bras
  • Convertible bras
  • Push up bras
  • Bralette

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.