How to Tell If You Are Wearing the Wrong Bra Size


I’m sure you’ve heard me say it many times now but wearing the right bra size is absolutely important! That’s why it’s imperative to get measured every year or so to check in and make sure your size hasn’t changed. The wrong bra size can cause sagging and discomfort, among other issues. Choosing the right bra for you is also imperative for these reasons.

But what happens when you can’t make it to the store to get measured? After all, we are now entering quarantine again, so how do we keep up with our bra maintenance? If you need to order your bra online and want to order the same fit/size you are currently wearing, here’s how to tell if you’re wearing the right size. If not, don’t fret, follow our instructions here to measure yourself.

Your Bra is Too Big

The Band: If your bra won’t stay up right and you feel that you are not getting enough support to lift up your breasts, then your band is too big. First, try to adjust your straps by making them a little tighter. If you are still not getting any lift, then your band is too big. Your breasts falling under the bra is a definite sign the band is too big. If your band moves around on your body at all throughout the day, then it is too big. You want a band that fits snugly without putting too much pressure on your body. But it should have enough pressure to stay in place securely throughout the day.

The Cup: If you are experiencing gaping at the top of your cup, especially where the strap meets the cup, then you are probably wearing a cup size that is too big for you. You can first try to tighten the straps to see if this fixes the problem. If you’re leaning forward, this happens to everyone, but if you’re still seeing this gap in the top of the cup while you are sitting or standing up straight, you should try a smaller cup size.

Your Bra is Too Small

The Band: Your band should always feel comfortable on you. If you feel pinching from your band at all, it is probably too small. If you take off your bra, you may see some indenture marks from the band, but if these marks are a dark red or stay on your skin for more than a few minutes after you take the bra off, your band is too small. If you feel pinching specifically at the outer side of your breasts where your cup is meeting the band (over near your armpits), that means the band is too small.

The Cup: If you have a lot of “spillage” coming out of your cup, the odds are that your cup size is too small. The bra cup should sit well above your nipple so you do not have any fears of your nipples falling out of the cup at any time. If the cup is too close to exposing your nipple as you are regularly wearing it, the cup is too small.

Now, from here, if your bra feels comfortable to you and you think the fit is right, then great! Go ahead and order away for the same size and fit you’ve been loving to wear. Your preference is always the top reason to pick a size. But if you think your current size is wrong, try to measure yourself or ask a friend to do it for you based on the instructions we linked to above!

In the end, a perfect bra fit is one that makes you feel confident and happy! So, keep that in mind as you continue your bra journey.


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Written by Malorie Mackey
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