Autumn Style: Casual Fall Fashion Trends for 2020


When the leaves start to change color, that’s your cue to change your wardrobe. Get inspired by these cool and casual fall fashion trends for 2020!

When the leaves start to change color, that’s your cue to change your wardrobe. It’s sad to see our bikinis and other summer favorites go, but wait! You don’t have to pack away your whole summer wardrobe just yet. 

A lot of these casual fall fashion trends allow us to hold onto our summer staples, like our yoga bras and white dresses, just a teeny bit longer.

Scroll through the best 2020 casual fall fashion trends below.

Animal Stripes, Spots and Scales

Not to be confused with the leopard and cheetah print trend of around 2010, this 2020 trend involves other animal kingdom motifs as well. For example, snake prints and zebra stripes or croc inspired leather bags. 

Male or female, this trend is being embraced by everyone this 2020.


Whether it’s your yoga bra paired with a cropped blazer, or a pair of iconic sneakers (buy Jordans online), the sporty-luxe look is everywhere and won’t be going anywhere for quite some time.

Sporty-Luxe means a tad more fashion-forward and glamorous than just your usual workout clothes. The goal is to look chic, not lax. This casual fall fashion trend may be seemingly effortless and comfortable, and it requires more commitment and skill than one might automatically assume.

Think about this trend as the “No Makeup Makeup” look of fashion.

The Ethereal and Flowy White Dress

A feminine and dreamy white dress became a staple for women around the world this 2020, and it is still going strong and making it a year-round 2020 fashion trend. When you think about it, these dresses are hardly a “new” trend. A breezy summer dress has always been a wardrobe staple, just like a pair of jeans paired with a T-shirt.

Think sheer, lacey, and dreamy. Something you could see yourself wearing whether you’re in the countryside or the streets of Paris.

Doll Dresses

This season we saw some of the shortest skirts yet. Despite the chilly winter weather, these rising hemlines are frequently styled without tights. A voluminous mini-doll dress paired with tall boots is going to be your go-to winning outfit combo for casual fall fashion. 

You can read this article to learn more about the fascinating and surprisingly political history of the babydoll dress.

Knee-High Boots

After years of ankle boots, sensible lace-ups, and stacked-heels, almost everyone is going for a suede or leather knee-high style this fall. Boots are an easy and effortless hack for winterizing a summer dress.

Several women also opted to tuck their jeans or loose pants into their riding boots, too, for a more traditional look. The best part about this casual fall fashion trend is that there is a knee-high boot for almost every taste.

Whether you’re more into the classy equestrian look or want something a bit sexier, like skin-tight black patent, there’s a knee-high boot for you.

Color Stories

This season is all about simply choose one color and layering it from head to toe. In most cases, it was more tonal than monochromatic.

This trend is a no brainer and an eye-catching formula for getting ready in a hurry without resorting to basic neutrals like beige or black.

Casual Fall Fashion Made Easy

We love that some of the trends this year means allowing us to hold onto our summer staples just a bit longer. We hope this guide gave you some inspiration for casual fall fashion trends for 2020.

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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.