Choosing the Best Makeup, Hair, and Wardrobe for Your Skin Tone


In the end, when finalizing a fashionable look, it all comes down to your complexion. Your makeup, your hair, how you dress, it really does all tie into your skin tone. Have you ever found yourself skipping out on a certain dress because the color washes you out? Or perhaps different colors look better on your paler or tanner friends than they do on you. Or perhaps you’ve noticed your makeup not matching your chest?

Flattering your complexion is the key to unlocking your pivotal fashion. Trends come and go but matching colors to your skin tone is something that will always be a part of your daily fashion. If you’re wearing the right colors for your skin tone, then you are guaranteed to kill it. Sadly, most of us have zero idea what our complexion undertone is…much less how to flatter it! Well, it’s time to transform your life! We’ve put together a go-to guide to help you navigate your way through fashion, makeup and hair to compliment your complexion.

Figuring Out Your Complexion Undertone

Figuring it all out can seem like the most daunting step. Most of us have never even tried; we just write it off as a confusing process. Well, it actually couldn’t be simpler, and there are countless ways for you to figure it out!

The Vein Check: One of the easiest methods which actually takes a single second is checking your veins. Look down at your forearms and check the color of your veins. Are they blue or green? Blue veins mean you have a cool toned complexion and green means warm!

Tan or Burn?: How about a method that just takes a moment’s thought? Think back to your last sunny vacation (even if it has been ages!). How did your skin react to the sun? Did it turn bright red or did you get a killer tan? If your skin tans easily then you’ll know you have a warm undertone, and if it tends to burn you have a cool undertone.

A Cool Complexion Guide


The most important part of your makeup that is going to be dictated by your complexion is foundation. A foundation with the wrong undertone for you can be detrimental. You’ll be left with a distinct line across your jawline that is super cringe-worthy! As you would imagine, if you have a cool complexion undertone then you need a cool toned foundation. The right foundation for you will typically be pink toned rather than yellow.

Other makeup decisions you can make to flatter your complexion undertone is the lipstick and eyeshadow you wear. With a cool undertone, you should opt for cooler lip options; for example, if you love a red lip then go for a true blue red lip! For your eyeshadow you should stick to cooler neutrals such as taupe or purple tones. These shades will really flatter your complexion rather than washing it out and leaving it looking ghostly!


Nowadays, it’s all about the ombre and balayage, and cool skin tones are super lucky that they can pull off ashier tones! While the rest of us struggle to maintain warmth- cool complexions get to embrace cooler tones and go for frosty silvers!

In general, cool complexion tones can pull off pastels and platinum hair shades which are super in right now! For something more natural, go for a red or auburn brown! You would think that such warm colors are better suited for warm skin tones, but they actually work best on cool complexions.


It is all about the pastels! Luckily, pastels will never go out of fashion. Cool complexions should really embrace the pale pastel shades. You would think they would wash you out but they actually will complement your skin tone beautifully. Earth tones are also great options for cool skin!

A Warm Complexion Guide


It’s all about the yellow and the bronze! Warm skin tones are best complemented with warm shades. This is especially true when it comes to foundations! On the market you will typically find that each foundation states it’s undertone, and you want to stick to the warm or golden or even yellow undertones.

Flattering your warm complexion with your makeup is all about going for the bronze goddess effect! Pile on the bronzer and the highlight to further emphasize the warmth of your skin and leave you glowing!


As you would imagine, it is all about the golden tones for you! Golden blondes, brunette, or caramel highlights! Anything super warm and golden is the most flattering for warm skin tones. Unfortunately, you can’t quite venture into the world of icy shades or platinum blondes, but a warm strawberry blonde would look beautiful!


Fiery tones are where it’s at! Your reds, yellows, or oranges are always going to be seriously flattering to your complexion. Especially if you’re rocking golden locks, the warm tones will bounce off each other and complement each other beautifully. We also find that an all-white look can give a warm complexion beautiful beach babe vibes!


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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.