Makeup Tips Every Girl Has to Know


When it comes to giving beauty tricks, this little article could quickly turn into a heavy book. In fact, there are so many makeup tips these days, that for most of the makeup beginners it may seem to be an overwhelming piece of knowledge. But I can assure you, once jump into this topic, you will fell in love with the world of cosmetics.

There is no specific definition of proper beauty composition; there are many factors that contribute to a fitting makeup. It goes with your style, personality, skin color, preferences, type of event you’re joining, and more. If you want to dig deeper into the beauty topic, Beauty Tap can help with that.

Even though each girl base on different makeup styles, some essentials can make every look better. Below we pointed out a few essential tips every girl has to know.

Less is more

Paradoxically as it seems, makeup can make you look gorgeous, the same as significantly worsen your image. That’s the tricky thing about cosmetics – you need to know when to stop. Remember about the priority; you do your makeup to highlight your beauty and expose your face’s best features, not to turn yourself in someone you’re not.

Putting too much makeup on you is definitely not attractive and undoubtedly not healthy for your skin. The point is to look natural, that’s what each makeup should refer to. You are beautiful the way you are, queen. Makeup can help you emphasize it but only in the right doses.

Use a spoon while doing eye makeup

I don’t know about you, but for me doing cat eyes with the eyeliner has always been a nightmare till I found the spoon trick. You can easily use it as a stencil. First of all, you need to hold the stem of a spoon against the outer corner of your eye; then you can draw a light straightly. Then, flip it and press it to your upper eyelid and around the cat line’s outer edge. It will help you draw the perfect shape of a line and charm people with your catty eyes.

Nude eyeliner can ‘open’ your eyes

Nude eyeliner is often underestimated by women when, in fact, it should be a must-have in every makeup bag. The first and most significant advantage is the optical eye magnification. You should apply a bit of the nude eyeliner in the inner corners of your eyes, blend it a little, or pick the unnecessary amount with the cotton swab. You can also apply it to your waterline which automatically makes eyes look bigger and more ‘open’.

Another way of using the nude eyeliner is to put it in the center of your eyelid. If you have less pigmented eye shadows or simply want to highlight it more, putting nude eyeliner as a base will intensify all the color of the eyeshadow. Trust me, it looks outstanding. 

Long-lasting lip color

I surely don’t need to mention how great effect using a lipstick makes. Your lips can effectively attract the attention of many people, especially when you wear an intense juicy color. Unfortunately, lipsticks do not last forever; quite the opposite, though, it can be gone within an hour if you use your mouth too much.

Drinking, eating, smoking, touching, all the activities do not contribute well to the glossy lips’ existence. There is a very neat trick you should try before going out – powder your lips. Take a tissue, put press it gently to your lips, and use a small dose of powder. This amount set your lipstick without making it look dry and dulling the color.

Underline the shape of your lips

Not every girl is blessed with Angeline Jolie’s lips, but there is a trick that can make our lips look sexier. Contouring lips can change their shape a little, make them look luxurious and optically bigger. Start by emphasizing the Cupid’s bow. Make an ‘X’ on it and then put some on the corners of your lips. You will be surprised how different your lips look afterward.  

The bottom line

I could talk endlessly about the beauty tricks, but the ones I find the most helpful are pointed above. I hope you will find this little guide useful and slay with your makeup like never before. Remember, you’re beautiful anyway.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.