Celebrating the Easter Holidays a bit Late: Wine Bottles to Buy for Easter Brunch or Dinner


Easter Sunday is may be behind us, but we can still celebrate Easter at any time.  Activities during this special day include large heaps of food and drink. Easter signifies the start of the Spring season, and your palate needs a well-deserved break from all the heavy meats you’ve consumed all of winter.

Easter can be celebrated over brunch or dinner. Planning what dishes to prepare for the Easter celebrations will also help you determine what wine pairs best with it. If you’re wondering what bottles of wine to get for Easter, here’s a guide that will help you which one to get.

Red wine

Whether you’re serving a rack of lamb or a roast, the best strategy to achieve the perfect brunch or dinner is to stick to well-grounded red wines. Red wines with high tannin levels will best complement the seasoning and taste of the meat you serve on the table.

The wine should also have an excellent finish, with just the right amount of acidity and fruit to handle the savoury and robust flavours of the meat, especially the lamb, but not overpowering the taste of it.

A bottle of Zinfandel best complements grilled ham for Easter dinner. This wine holds a dark fruit flavour with a hint of spice that leaves a slight pucker on the mouth. Carnivor is a great bottle of Zinfandel that you can try.

In fact, you can make every celebration extra special and memorable by opening a fine bottle of wine. One of these famous bottles is the Château Margaux. While the cost of Chateau Margaux wine might surprise some, but with special occasions, every single penny is worth it.

White wine

If you decide to serve ham instead for your Easter brunch or dinner, the best wine to pair it with will be a bottle of Riesling or Gewürztraminer. Both these wines will complement the sweet and salty flavour of ham- fresh and flavourful enough to balance the contrasting flavours of the dish. The acidity of these wines will not compromise the taste of the ham. A bottle of Chardonnay is a good alternative.

Wines from a lot of well-known Riesling makers are perfect for Easter, such as Chateau Ste. Michelle and Charles Smith. Examples of great bottles of Gewürztraminer are  Domaine Schlumberger, California’s Sonoma Coast, and Trimbach.

A glass of Chardonnay will also go great with your traditional Easter roasted chicken, grilled lobster, scallops, or anything that comes with creamy sauces. The wine’s juicy flavour will best complement these dishes. Bottles of Chardonnays to try are Côte de Beaune and Barefoot Chardonnay.

Another white wine to try is Pinot Grigio, which will best complement a glazed ham dish. This wine has a fresh and smooth taste with a tang of citrus. A flavourful mix of apple, oranges, ginger, and honey will burst in your mouth once you take a sip from the glass.

Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine is a bubbly and versatile wine that holds up well with fried food, meats, and roasted vegetables. A sip will cleanse your palate from the delicious savoury flavours you will be eating during Easter.

13th Street Cuvée Rosé is the best choice for aromatic dishes with a rich taste, like stewed lamb or roasted ham. Pierre Sparr Cremant d’Alsace Brut Reserve has citrus and toasty notes that go well with fatty dishes, such as fish and chips, and sausage. Graham Beck is tart and acidic and is great to pair with either seafood or cheese.


Whenever the topic of celebrations and events come up, almost everyone will talk about Champagne. If you’re feeling a little fancy, popping a bottle of Champagne is a luxurious way of celebrating during Easter brunch or dinner.

For Easter brunch, pair your scrambled eggs, waffle, and baked salmon with a glass of Champagne. It has a rich flavour with just the right amount of acidity that makes it a decadent pair for your Easter brunch dishes.

For picnics, a bottle of Champagne is best served for devilled eggs. For lunch, a glorious lamb dish will not be weighed down by Champagne, unlike sipping on a glass of heavy red wine.


Rosé wines have elegant apricot and peach flavours that go great with a unique ham recipe, and other fruits and cheese that you might serve during your Easter brunch or dinner. If you do not like to eat meat for Easter, then a Rosé wine will be perfect for your spring salad and salmon.

This wine is also very popular during spring and summertime, just in time for Easter. Good bottles of Rosé wine to try are Le Grand Noir Rosé, Villiera Tradition Rosé Brut, and Château Puech Haut Prestige Rose. Do not fret; this type of wine is cheaper than other types of wine.


Easter is a public holiday in the UK and an excellent time to appreciate great wine. Whether you celebrate Easter with your family or your friends, having a good meal with the perfect food and wine pairing will surely make your Easter brunch or dinner memorable.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.