Tips On Dressing Your Dog In The Latest Fashions


Pet owners should prioritize what’s best for their pets, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a little fun dressing them in the latest fashions. Plenty of dogs love being dressed up, and as long as pet owners take a few precautionary measures to ensure the dogs’ safety, that’s just fine. Read on to find a few tips on dressing dogs in the latest fashions that focus not just on the best styles for pups but on how to help pets get used to wearing them so they won’t be uncomfortable or stressed.

Keep Clothes Clean

When they’re not clothed, most dogs can take care of personal hygiene for themselves. However, clothing can get gross fast when pets play dress up, which can create unsanitary conditions for the animal and its owner. Pet owners can find dog diapers that will take care of this problem by visiting Pet Parents online.

Look for Inspiration

Keeping up with the latest trends in dog fashion can be tough, but social media sites like Instagram can be a great source of inspiration. Check out these fashionable pups to see what today’s fashionista dogs are wearing and how they’re rocking the latest styles. Just make sure not to prioritize a cute photo op over the animal’s comfort.

Prepare the Pet

First time dressing up a dog? Make sure to prepare the pup in advance. Instead of waiting until the last minute before heading out to the park or elsewhere to introduce the dog’s new outfit, try to familiarize pets with new materials, colors, patterns, and styles first. Let the pet sniff the material, then lay it across the dog’s back to help him or her become familiar with the texture. Spend several days playing dress-up at home and rewarding the dog with treats to boost his or her confidence before heading out on the town.

Don’t Forget About Basic Safety Rules

Only buy dog clothes that are designed for animals. Clothing should allow pups to explore freely without constricting their airways or the movement of their limbs, and unless the dog is a hairless or short-haired breed and it’s winter, the clothing shouldn’t be too hot. Swaddling pups in too many layers of fabric can quickly lead to overheating. Most pet parents avoid dressing up long-haired breeds for just this reason unless they’re very small and prone to getting cold.

Pay Attention to Body Language

Once the dog is all dressed up with somewhere to go, watch its body language to make sure it isn’t becoming uncomfortable or distressed. Signs like a lowered head, flattened ears, and round eyes can all indicate serious stress in dogs, so if an animal starts making unusual faces, it’s time to pay attention to what the pup is trying to say. Remove the outfit and start over with the familiarization process.

Avoid Fatigue

Taking an adorable pup out in a stellar outfit can be fun for people, but not all pets love the level of attention they’re likely to get. If the dog looks like it’s becoming overwhelmed, it’s time to stop playing dress up and head home to decompress.

The Bottom Line

Doggie dress-up can be fun for pets and pet parents, alike. It gives pet owners the chance to express their personalities and connect with their dogs, and many dogs love the attention they get when wearing cute outfits. Just make sure to prioritize the dog’s health, safety, and comfort above all else.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.