How to Make your Beard a Sign of Masculinity


For many men, a beard is a sign of masculinity. For months they grow it up to make it look even better. There are many types of beards. Some grow a handsome mustache, others’ beard is the so-called lumberjack. However, few people realize how important it is to care for such a beard and how much effort you have to put in making it look like an ornament and not a disfiguring element. You can do it by washing, trimming, moisturizing, and general care. In this article, you will learn how to apply good care and what cosmetics are needed to keep the beard in good condition. There are a lot of products that can help you grow your beard, you can find some of these products at The Beard Struggle products since they’ve been helping men to properly nurture their beard for quite a while. 

Eat Well

Well, eating, in this case, is not about feeding the beard itself, but about your nutrition. Similarly to the whole human body, a beard needs specific amounts of nutrients to grow.

Therefore, to provide it with the right amount of fuel and optimal conditions for growth, you should take care of the right amount of protein in your diet, because in 80% it is it that builds the structure of the hair in your chin and mustache.

It also doesn’t hurt to focus on the right amount of fiber, complex carbohydrates, unsaturated fats or vitamins, because they play a colossal role when it comes to the appearance and health of your beard.

Take Care

For a beard, of course, but above all for yourself. When you make a decision about growing a beard, you must remember that just as with muscles, your beard also needs the right conditions for growth. Therefore, to grow a thick, epic beard – you should take care of yourself. Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, spend as much time as possible outdoors and minimize stress levels, and the effects will come faster than you expect.

Wash your Beard

Washing your beard regularly cleans your hair of food particles, exhaust fumes, and bad smells that accumulate in them throughout the day. In addition, it prevents skin irritation and pimples.

If your beard shampoo contains only natural ingredients, and your beard is thick and does not cause you problems, you do not have to bother with beard shampoo.

On the other hand, if your beard is heavily loaded after washing, it curls up, does not fit properly or you just have the impression that it is not thoroughly cleaned – then it is worth reaching out for the right beard shampoo. Such a shampoo has much lighter consistency, thoroughly cleanses the beard, and makes it much better after washing. If you have some troubles, you can always read more about the best face wash for men online.

Comb your Beard

Combing is one of the key things you can do for your beard. Not only does it allow for thorough combing of the hair and, as a result – better styling of the beard, but above all,
 it has a health-oriented effect.

A decent beard brush, made of natural boar bristles, will get rid of dead skin accumulating under the chin and accelerate the production of sebum, which plays a key issue in the look of a beard. In addition, regular combing of the beard improves its blood supply, thanks to which nutrients are transported to it faster and translate into faster beard growth. Anyway, the same applies to the mustache.


If you have a beard or mustache, you know how important their proper hydration is. And if you are just starting your adventure with growing stubble – you will soon find out.

Good quality beard oil can work wonders and save you a lot of time and nerves. Thanks to it, your beard will stop itching when you grow it.. And your mustache will stop smelling last night’s dinner and acquire a beautiful, healthy gloss.

In addition to growing a beard, this is the biggest challenge every bearded man faces every day. Fortunately, brushes, dryers, and cosmetics for beard care come in handy, which allows for effective and long-lasting positioning of the beard and mustache.

A bit of beard balm will give your beard the right shape and will protect your hair while styling. However, decent mustache wax will allow you to arrange them in such a way that they do not interrupt you in speaking, eating or kissing accidentally encountered women.

Trim your beard

There are times in the bearded man’s life when every millimeter matters. And trimming the beard and mustache is the best example. Therefore, to take care of your bearded treasures and give them the desired shape, get the right accessories, i.e. a decent trimmer and good quality beard scissors.

Self-trimming beard and mustache requires a bit of practice but gives mega satisfaction. In addition, you can improve the look of your beard at any time, and you are guaranteed that your beard will not be shortened in a place you did not expect.

However, if you prefer to entrust your beard in the hands of the barber, choose only those trusted, and before making the first cut, carefully discuss what is to be done with your beard.

When, despite observing the above rules, you see that your beard loses its shine, splits or does not grow as it should – secure yourself an advantage and reach for the specifics that will help you get rid of the problem. At first, you can test the beard conditioner, which thanks to the nutritional extracts it contains, B vitamins, and after a few uses put your beard on your feet. However, if the problem with facial hair is deeper, go ahead with supplements (i.e. a magnesium-zinc complex) or biotin. They contain natural substances in our bodies, so you don’t have to worry about side effects.

Just remember that even the best dietary supplement or bearded potion will not provide you with the expected results if you do not follow the previous 6 points. That’s why we keep our fingers crossed for your perseverance and wish you an epic beard!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.