100 Short Hairstyles for Women: Pixie, Bob, Undercut Hair and More

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6. The Undercut Swipe

When you’ve got the unisex undercut, you’ve got it swipe it somewhere. No, it’s not your Tinder profile, and there are no bad hair partings, as every side works well depending on your face features. An interesting reason why many women decide on a side parting is actually the shape and look of their eyes.

Now, this may sound creepy, but you can choose the eye you like the most (they do come in different shapes on the same face, did you know that?) and accentuate that one.

Most importantly, your hair will not stay spiked without a generous amount of hair product. If you want to keep your hair a hair spray virgin, pick a much softer look that is doable with the help of a blow-dryer.

Short Hairstyles for Women: Undercut Swiped Hair


7. The Flirty Side Bang on a Bob Hairstyle

The most notable part of short bob hairstyles is actually not the bob, but the side bang. There’s a magical power to that flirtatious curl that can last very long, if you have thick hair. I would never risk this style on thin hair, as the amount of hair product you’ll have to use on that single side bang is just not worth it. Keep your hair healthy and the hairstyle relevant to your hair needs.

8. Purple Balayage Waves

As you start getting used to your short haircut (if you’re a newcomer to the club), you’ll realize that now you can do things with your hair that were never possible when it was long. One of them is that balayage highlights play an entirely different game when the hair is short.

Take the top layer and balayage it in a color that makes your day brighter- like purple! Now, you’ve got two options, keep the hair straight and it will look mostly purple, or have more fun by going for slight curls. This way, your natural hair color peaks form the bottom (just like on the roots), while the highlighted curls take up the visual effects.

9. Your Maroon #BobLife

Are you up for an intimidating bob that makes a statement wherever you take it? Then we’ve got a juicy one for you. This maroon shoulder-length bob hairstyle is not only slick, but it’s also your signature. You can’t walk unnoticed wearing this lady-like and sexy style.

Go for this short hairstyle, if you are comfortable with your face features and are not trying to hide anything. This bob will not only draw attention to your persona, but will also make your eyes or the lip color pop. Play the eyebrow game, it always works- always.

10. Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle or The New Edition Marilyn Monroe

If you curl up one side of an asymmetrical bob, you get a unique kind of Hollywood glamour, a variation of Marilyn Monroe charm. This detail works almost like a rule, as if you add a curl on a bob, it instantly becomes a playful tease. Add a bright lipstick and a sexy eye makeup and you’ve got yourself ready for the red carpet.

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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.