Old Hollywood Glam Hair Tutorial


It’s clear that “Old Hollywood Glam”, also known as “Classic Hollywood Glam”, has made a huge imprint on the pages of beauty history. This iconic style is not only being recreated regularly, but it is also still inspiring many modern looks. And it’s no wonder this look has never stopped being in style. It’s simply gorgeous. Get your own waves inspired by “Old Hollywood Glam” by watching this tutorial.

Stylist: Yaniv Katzav

Model: Sona Skoncova

Get This Look for Yourself:

1) Start by curling the front of your hair. Once it’s curled, use a strong hairspray. Roll the curled hair on top of your head and clip it so it doesn’t fall.

2) Begin curling the rest of your hair around your head. Make sure that all the hair is curled in the same angle.

3) Spray your fully curled hair with hairspray.

4) Wait 10 seconds after using the hairspray. Then, brush your hair out, beginning with the back and work your way to the front.

5) Grab a molding product (we used Molding Matte by Sebastian), and apply it through your hair.

6) Part your hair to your preferred side and tease it if you need.

Enjoy your fabulous “Old Hollywood Glam” hairstyle.


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