The Rose Gold Makeup Trend is Perfect for Summer Glow Up

Rose Gold Makeup For Summer

Colorful makeup trends are all over Instagram and Pinterest. These vibrant makeup looks, however, are not everyone’s cup of tea. While beauty gurus favor them over anything for spring and summer, you might not be into using loud colors on your eyes and lips. For all die-hard makeup neutralists here comes the rose gold makeup trend to shake up your routine. If you’re a fan of golds and browns, you’ll fall in love with the rose gold makeup trend. These wearable, yet lively tones will infuse your summer look with youth and radiance. Check out all the ways you can embrace rose gold makeup below.

rose gold makeup for summer
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If you want to achieve a seductive rose gold makeup look, elongate the eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eyes, giving it a feline shape. This way, you can skip the eyeliner and still nail a sexy cat-eye look.

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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