7 Tips on Growing Your Own CBD Oil

growing plant cannibas

CBD oil is gaining popularity today because of its beneficial medical properties. CBD oil is also used as a supplement. Many brands on the market are selling high-quality CBD oil. However, if you wish to extract CBD oil directly from your own cannabis plants in your home garden,  review the tips mentioned below to aid you: 

#1: Optimal Temperature 

Since CBD oil is an extract from the cannabis plant, there is a need to ensure optimal temperature for high growth and seed germination. The suitable temperature is 65 to 70°F. If the temperature is below that range, there will be delayed emergence. It is recommended to plant after mid-May or early June for best results. There should be direct seeding at a depth of 0.75 to 1 inch. If you purchase i49 quality seeds, you’ll  experience healthy cannabis growth and superior CBD extract. 

#2: Semi-Humid Conditions

Cannabis growth is dependent on semi-humid conditions, roughly around 60-80°F.  Over watering cannabis is strictly taboo during the early days, as this can stunt the growth of plants.  When plants have grown larger, they will require more water.

#3: Nutrients for Successful Harvest

Nutrients are needed to ensure the rapid and successful growth of your crop. The healthier the cannabis crop, the rawer the CBD oil that can be extracted from the plants. Nutrients protect the plants from various diseases and garden pests, and maintain increased resistance against adverse growing conditions. 

#4: Best Marijuana Strains 

Expert growers suggest that you use the best marijuana strains for quality CBD oil extraction. The quality of your cannabis is directly associated with the output. If you desire to make your own CBD oil at home, pick superior marijuana strains for a superior final product. 

#5: The Process of Decarboxylation

When you are ready to extract your CBD oil, select raw buds, leaves, and stems that will yield high-quality CBD oil. Extraction is best performed by the process of decarboxylation.  This is an important step when producing your own CBD oil. For decarboxylation, bake the leaves and buds at roughly 220°F for at least 90 to 100 minutes.  Heating the plants at this temperature activates inside chemicals. 

#6: CBD Oil with Already Vaped Weed

If you desire to make CBD oil with already vaped weed, you must prepare a base ingredient.  For this process you will need vaporized weed, olive/coconut/canola oil, cheesecloth for straining, and a container for storing the base. Heat the ingredients (vaped weed plus oil or butter) over a low flame. Heat this mixture for approximately 20 minutes and slowly stir it.  Let the mixture cool a bit, and place the final product in the covered container. 

#7: CBD Oil with Fresh Weed

If you are planning on making CBD oil with fresh weed, first grind the weed that has not been vaped. After it is properly ground, you can prepare the oil. You will need coconut oil or butter to mix with the weed.  Heat this mixture two or three times to activate the THC component. Once you are done with this step, strain the oil, and use an odor-free container to store it.  You will be able to use your oil for two to three months. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.