Spring Is Here: Try Out These 7 Spring Activewear Essentials


Spring is finally here, and it’s time to give your activewear wardrobe a warm-weather makeover. Out with the beanies and in with the caps. Put away the hoodies and break out the tank tops. Activewear is still having a big moment in the fashion world, which is great news for active people like you. From the gym to running errands and everywhere in between, you can feel and look fresh all season long. Here are some essentials to pick up along with some outfit ideas to keep things exciting and comfy no matter where the day or night takes you.

Do-It-All Leggings

Athletic leggings know no seasonal bound. If you practically live in your favorite pair of leggings, you know how versatile they can be. Athletic leggings and tights are daily essentials that practically go with anything. From tank tops to hoodies, spin class to hangs with friends, they’re there for us every step of the way.

Not all leggings are created equal, with some featuring fleece linings to keep you warm in the winter. Now, however, it’s time to put the fleece away. If you’ve ever had the displeasure of wearing warm leggings on a spring run, you know that lightweight, breathable fabric is a must. Check out a pair of black or gray leggings made with ultra-stretchy, breathable, sweat-wicking fabric. They’ll provide support and comfort during all of your spring workouts and adventures, plus they match with just about everything.

Crop Top for Intense Outdoor Workouts

You can wear T-shirts in the winter, but crop tops are strictly spring and summer essentials for most of us. They add a little pop of pizzazz to any outfit and are great for those super intense outdoor workouts. You can get a crop top or similar shirt in practically any color or material, but why not rock one that’s made with performance materials to keep you cool and stylish? Create your new favorite spring active outfit with the right crop top and other workout clothes for women from a top brand. Pair your crop top with your athletic leggings and a pair of flashy cross-training kicks, and you have an up and at ’em workout outfit.

Baseball Cap for Bad Hair Days

Whether you’re having a bad hair day or it’s just especially sunny outside, it’s always a good idea to have a premium cap at the ready. The best part is they’re super stylish too, which means people might not even realize you’re trying to cover up your bedhead at your 6 a.m. workout. You have tons and tons of choices out there, from minimalist to flashier hats, so find one that fits your personality. It doesn’t hurt to get a few caps in different colors to add to your matching game. Pick up a white, red, black or blue one and you’re pretty much set no matter the day, occasion or your outfit.

Track Jacket for Brisk Morning Runs

Spring is here, which means it’s that weird weather time. In the mornings, it’s probably way too cold to even think about wearing shorts, but come afternoon you’re sweating just looking out the window. It’s just the way that things go during this time of the year, so you should be prepared for whatever the weather throws your way.

Track jackets are sleek and perfect for cutting against the breeze on chilly morning runs. They’re classic for a reason and should be a staple in any athletic woman’s wardrobe. Check out your favorite place to buy workout clothes for women and browse their selection. From traditional track jackets to windbreakers and more, these outerwear pieces add a streamlined look to any outfit. Plus, they’re lightweight and compact enough to fit in your bag once the warmer afternoon rolls around.

Spring Is Here: Try Out These 7 Spring Activewear Essentials

Sweat-Wicking Shorts

Shorts are essential for all of your warm-weather workouts and will help keep you cool and comfortable. Who knows—that extra breathability might help you push through to your next PR. From relaxed fit to slim shorts, the style is up to you based on your taste and expectations. But one thing’s for sure: You want to invest in quality shorts made with innovative fabric.

Just like you want comfort and support from your sports bras, the best workout shorts are made with a fabric blend that keeps you cool and dry all workout long. There are tons of style and color options to fit your aesthetic and other pieces in your activewear outfits. Pick up a pair in a versatile color like black or gray for easy fitness outfits. You can also explore different patterns and flashier colors for those days you want to stand out and make a statement.

Bare Your Arms

The sun is finally out, and with daylight saving time, it’s out for a bit longer every day too. It’s time to ditch the sleeves and show off all of the hard work you put in the gym this winter. There’s a tank top for everyone, and they’re essential once it starts to get seriously hot outside.

Tank tops come in many shapes, cuts and colors. But for actual workouts, you’ll probably want to avoid anything that lacks any real structure. Fortunately, companies like Reebok offer a variety of tank top styles and athletic apparel that are geared towards fitness while also being effortlessly stylish too. Check out tank tops with racer-style backs to provide maximum movement during all of your lifts, jumps and runs.

Super Fly Sneakers

No activewear outfit is complete without a pair of high-performance footwear. This is the area where you can really let your personality shine. From the shape of the silhouette to the colorway of the shoes, there are so many details and design elements that can set your shoes apart. For actually working out, you’ll want to pick up something that fits your routine. Whether that’s running shoes or cross-training shoes depends on your preferred regimen.

If you’re looking more for everyday active style, then you have tons of other options. Spring is a great time to try out brighter, louder colors that make a statement. Paired with your gym shorts or your athletic leggings, your kicks will pop. Shop with a brand that is well known for combining performance and athletic style and you can’t go wrong.

Get Out There

Spring and the warm weather call for a different fitness uniform. Whether you rock activewear as a way to stay cool and dry during grueling workouts or you just like the sleek, sporty look, you can’t go wrong with any of these essentials. Mix it up and try new styles you might not have before to celebrate a new season. Finally, make sure that you’re shopping with a brand that’s known across the world for their innovative designs and high-performance apparel.


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