Fashion Marketing in Social Media: Using Instagram to increase your popularity


Instagram is the most powerful social media platform for fashion. Plenty of designers and fashion companies use it to attract more followers, as it is a great place to discover fashion enthusiasts. And since this is a visual and social platform, it can greatly benefit the fashion industry.

Hence, if you have a fashion business and look forward to improving your digital marketing strategy, this article is for you. Our experts in creative social media engagement shared their expert tips so that you boost your popularity on Instagram starting today. Indeed, this platform can seem a little difficult to master, but by the end of this text, you will know precisely how to promote your business account on Instagram.

Share only qualitative product photographs

The first thing you need to understand about Instagram is that it’s about visual cues. As such, the quality of your content will be the first aspect that your audience observes. This is why experts recommend selecting wisely the images and videos you share for your fashion brand. And the best part about this platform is that it gets you access to reliable tools helping to craft your visual content in a pro manner.

The goal is to share powerful fashion images that can attract and keep your followers engaged. This will determine your audience to explore your account, which in turn will boost your website traffic and brand awareness.

The secret to Instagram’s success for a fashion brand is to post images that tell a story about your business. And since we’re talking about the competitive field of fashion, your strategy should revolve around creativity and originality.

Implement adequate hashtags

Secondly, you need to focus on discovering potent hashtags for fashion industries. These keywords can help you increase the discovery rate for your brand, and it can even boost your business revenue. This is achievable since hashtags can reach out to your intended audience and, of course, because your followers will identify your business quickly.

It’s challenging to select the right mix of hashtags. But with a bit of research and attention to detail, you can select the best ones for your marketing endeavours. Our tip is to avoid using keywords that are too popular. Instead, look for unique and compelling words that can add value to your brand.

Use video content to your advantage

Well, fashion is all about presenting your products most impressively. And Instagram is here to help you boost your brand awareness and trustworthiness with the help of video content. And in case you didn’t know already, since 2013, when Instagram video feature was released, users constantly share more and more videos yearly.

Brainstorm interesting content that will make users follow your brand

Well, it is not enough to share random content. You should asses your brand’s values and needs so that you create popular Instagram posts. And you can achieve this by sharing qualitative content mixed with a powerful call to action. It can have a direct impact on your brand’s image. As an example, sharing an image joke won’t gain you the desired engagement. Instead, sharing your insights about the latest fashion trends will keep your audience informed and more likely to follow up on your brand.

Don’t be shy to use marketing and editing tools available on the platform

Since Instagram understands the needs of a business, it created a specific set of features that help business accounts stand out. This will allow you to become as creative as possible, which in turn will keep your audience engaged. One of the most prevalent instruments on this platform remains Stories, as you can add a small clip for 24 hours. This can be an immeasurable method for sharing insights on your latest fashion events or releases.

The fashion business on Instagram will get access to the Swipe Up feature as soon as they reach 10,000+ followers. This means that you will be able to include a link to your website so that your followers discover where to complete purchase faster. Check the insights on your account to craft the best marketing strategy for your fashion brand.

Concentrate on accessing a broader audience

Your job on Instagram is never done. You will have to commit to attracting newer audiences constantly. You can do that by partnering up with influencers, as this can boost awareness and exposure for your business account on Instagram. Asking an influencer to assist in promoting your fashion business can lead to impressive results. Besides, people love a good story, so knowing that an influencer recommends your fashion items will only boost your brand’s value and trustworthiness.

In addition, to make things work faster, you may find help from, where you can get the necessary number of high-quality signals such as Instagram followers almost in no time.

Create a budget for Instagram paid advertising campaigns

Of course, the primary approach on Instagram for new brands to achieve awareness and business revenue is to invest in paid advertising. And market data shows that this can be an asset, especially for the fashion industry. Moreover, up to 72% of Instagram users completed a purchase after seeing a fashion brand ad on Instagram.

You should know that this success doesn’t happen overnight, meaning that not all people will buy your products upon seeing your ad for the first time. Instead, they need to be reminded about your business with the help of retargeting.

Use the power of user-generated content

You can think about user-generated content similar to customer testimonials. This is how powerful it is. Market data reveals that this type of content can come with at least 4.5% conversion rates, but for many fashion brands, this percentage is higher. So, make sure you use any user-generated content to your brand’s advantage, such as photographs, videos, or recommendations.

Of course, not all your customers will help you with this, which is why you might have to entice them with a special offer or gift. Our advice is to consider crafting a giveaway in which you provide something for a valuable thought concerning your brand.

Your brand needs promotions and giveaways

As mentioned above, attracting your customers with an incentive is more than necessary for fashion brands. Besides, it is a cost-efficient approach, as it can save you a lot of money. Your clients will promote your products, and it will boost your trustworthiness in no time. As soon as you offer a promotion code or a giveaway, you will get the attention of your targeted audience. And these people will share the content with their followers, and it will expand your social presence. The most impressive part about Instagram is that as soon as you create a reliable followers’ database, you can use them to increase your brand’s value and exposure.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.