3 Ways Sleep Effects Your Overall Health

sick woman in bed

Sleep has a direct impact on your health, and we will discuss that today, but at the same time we want to note how a lack of sleep can impact the beauty of your Instagram selfies, and what you may be able to do about that. 

Foggy Brain Equals Bad Decision-Making

A lack of sleep is directly linked to poor decision making. The brain becomes clouded and clogged when it is running on a lack of sleep, and this means slower reaction times and less of an ability to think critically or to use your imagination. These higher-level cognitive functions are basically shut down in favor of the basics of survival when you lack the proper levels of sleep that you need. 

Bad decision-making could result in posting pictures to Instagram that you should not or leaving comments that you later regret. You don’t want to bring the scorn of the Instagram world down on you, and you can avoid doing exactly that by getting the right amounts of sleep. 

Your Skin May Suffer

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and yours will likely suffer if you do not partake in your proper amount of sleep. The skin may literally go through a sort of aging process that is brought on a lot quicker when sleep is at a minimum. To combat this in terms of how you look on Instagram, you may consider using Perfect365. 

Perfect365 is a free app that is used by celebrities like the Kardashians. It is a great way to airbrush the look of your skin as well as fix up a few other commonly flawed areas such as your less than white teeth or bags that may form under your eyes. You had better believe that all of those things could happen if you don’t get your sleep. 

Distort Your Image Of Yourself

Something that a lot of people don’t talk about in relation to a lack of sleep is how it can impact your image of yourself. Everyone has a thought in their heads about who they really are and how they look. It is pretty common for this idea to be fairly fixed as we don’t necessarily focus in all that heavily on it on a daily basis. However, a lack of sleep can put you in that spot. 

Not sleeping enough may make it a lot easier for you to have a distorted view of how you look, in both positive and negative ways. You may actually think that you look better than you do, or you may be overly negative on yourself. Either way, you should look at Facetune as an app that can help you play around with your looks and see how different factors impact the pictures that you post on Instagram. Maybe you want to play around with factors like widening your smile or even changing your hair color. You can see how different factors change the entire way that the world sees you. Once you have had time to catch up on your sleep perhaps you will decide to change one thing or another. 

Treat sleep like the legitimate health concern that it is. You need to be vigilant and not allow yourself to be lulled into the idea that you can squeeze more productivity out of getting less sleep. That is not remotely accurate, and you will end up burning out a lot more quickly than you should have, and that could reflect poorly on Instagram.