Five Fab Looks for a Night at the Casino


Dressing up is all part of the fun of a night out, not to mention a big part of the build-up along with pre-drinks with your mates and planning your make up together.

So imagine you’ve been invited to the casino for the night. Just the word casino says glamour and style, with more than a hint of James Bond to it, so you need to look the part – and here are five great ways to go.

Sparkles and sequins

The first stop must be the classic glitz that has become synonymous with the Las Vegas of the 50s and 60s. The long evening dress is a great place to start, but the shorter skirt is fine too. The most important thing is to make sure you shimmer and sparkle. Accessories are important too so don’t forget the diamante earrings, a gold bracelet or two and the obligatory clutch bag as well.

Go all Audrey Hepburn


More and more women are becoming casino experts these days – we’ve websites like ladylucks to thank for that. With a huge array of online casino games available on most devices, the casino world is undoubtedly opening up and become more accessible for everyone. So now’s the time to break into this previously male-dominated world of the casino by expressing the ultimate feminine icon – Audrey Hepburn. Think the classy staple LBD, elegantly simple lines and black heels to match.

Hug a Hoodie

Of course, you could always go to the other end of the spectrum. This look might not be welcomed in the glitzy venues but, if you’re looking to sit down and get involved in a real high-stakes game of poker, for example, this look is for you. Wear a big hoodie, couple it with a set of headphones and casual trousers – although probably not ripped jeans. A cool pair of shades is optional if you want to maintain that air of mystery. Just don’t make the same major mistake that Kim K did when she wore mirrored lenses to a charity poker tournament.

Go Wild West

Somewhere else that’s always had the image of being great for gambling is the iconic western bar. So why not take this as your theme and add a little yee-haw into your night? Just get your hands on a cowboy hat, a checked shirt and a pair of red boots and you’ll be halfway there. Then add a suede waistcoat with tassels, or a classic denim jacket, and some black skinny jeans and you’ll be ready to ride into town.

Back to the Eighties


For lots of people, the Eighties was the ultimate decade of excess. So it makes sense to go for an over-the-top look that’s very much throwing it back. So it’s going to be big shoulder pads, bold colors, branded tees, and lots and lots of fake fur. If you’re still not quite sure about the look to go for, check out classic 80s TV series like Dynasty and you’ll soon get the picture – not to mention the hard-ball playing attitude that’ll show you mean business at the casino.

So there you go: five strong looks. Now you just need to pick up some chips and try your luck.


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