New Cooking Trends and Shifts for 2020

Good friends laughing and talking while preparing meals at table full of vegetables and pasta ready for cooking in kitchen

Few things draw the human species together more than food. Different cuisines are often the star of parties, gatherings, meetings, and family celebrations. With so much focus on food, it is no wonder that cooking items find their way into Christmas boxes, birthday gifts, and “just because” presents. As with the growth of the middle class, not only the methods of cooking evolve but also more and more cooking experiences appear everywhere. Just this year, quite a few new cooking hubs appeared around cooking, namely Golden Apron which now offers classes in many US cities, and a few other exciting websites. As methods of cooking change, so do the trends associated with those methods, and that is why you may find new and exciting food and trends coming your way this year.

1. Fresher Foods Required

For the past decade, people have looked to organic foods to raise their nutritional standards and help get the body’s daily vitamins and minerals. Recently, consumers have become alarmed as studies have shown that nutrients break down as food ages. For that reason, people will be visiting farmer’s markets, shopping in health food stores, and growing more of their own food to ensure they are cooking with only the freshest ingredients in the coming year.

2. Delivery Service Orders

As the world’s population becomes busier and works longer hours, the ability to place phone orders for food from restaurants and grocery store delivery items will become even more central to families. While it used to be only fast food that could be ordered from driver services, the popularity now finds that even exclusive restaurants allow for food delivery and pickup. So, whether individuals want to place an order for recipe ingredients or already prepared meals, the new cooking trends often involves delivery.

3. Old Foods, New Popularity

As consumers become more aware of the nutritional foundation of the foodstuffs they eat, more of the old foods are gaining new popularity. Mushrooms, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and kale are all being touted for the number of vitamins, minerals, and fibers contained in each serving. Because of buyer awareness, health foods are going to become the norm in food purchase instead of existing on the fringe. 

4. Fermentation Takes Over

Whether it is kombucha, sauerkraut, miso, or kimchi, fermented foods are becoming the stars of many meals this year. As individuals understand the importance of gut health, fermented foods with nutritious yeasts are adding wellbeing benefits to health-minded shoppers. Rich in nutrient ripe probiotics, the enzymes in fermented foods can help your intestinal flora and microbiome flourish and increase immunity to many common health problems.

5. Locavore Begins Again

Hundreds of years ago, people ate what was grown at their home or by farmers near them. Surprisingly, the locavore movement has begun again and is growing in popularity. More consumers than ever before want to know how the food they are eating was raised, and if the foods are truly organic. Visiting local farms can ensure the consumer knows what they are cooking and consuming.

6. Plant-Based Diets

For the past five years, plant-based diets have taken center point on the dieting platform and healthier-eating stage. The coming year sees an even larger movement toward living item consumption. For some, that means a reduction in animal products such as eggs, milk, and cheese. For others, it means moving their diet toward the vegetarian spectrum and away from all animal products. There is even a plant-based diet that allows some animal products if they are from special areas that are known to be antibiotic-free.

7. Spice It Up Deluxe

Not surprisingly, shoppers are purchasing more spices to add to their recipes than ever before. It may be the cooking shows that are readily available, the restaurants that produce more spiced foods, or a curiosity to try new items, but whatever it is, spices are going to be the new star of the coming year’s recipes in both home cooking and restaurant meals.

8. Forgoing Red Meat

For many individuals that love the taste of meat and can’t forego their sandwiches or Thanksgiving turkey, there is still a movement away from red meat. Some consumers are reducing the amount of beef in menus for health reasons, while others want to do away with the high amount of antibiotics the animal products are said to contain. No matter what the reason, you may find less steak or rib barbeques this next year.

Look toward the above eight cooking trends in the coming year. You may be surprised how often you come across more than one of them as you are having dinner delivered or preparing a meal at home.