Tips on Getting Rid of Long Term Cysts

The world determines beauty by one’s face and features,  and most all desire to look beautiful. We can’t do anything about the shape of our face and our facial features, so we attempt to maintain skin that is as healthy as possible. However, acne can get in the way of that. Acne is a condition that affects oil glands and the skin’s hair follicles on our face. It’s unhealthy and also causes pimples, which are very unappealing.

There are several methods of getting rid of acne. It usually takes a week or two to fully remove every mark of acne, but then there is a severe form of acne called Cystic Acne. This form also goes away with time, but take much more time and care. Here we share practical tips on how you can get rid of long term cysts.

Exfoliation with a Salicylic Cleanser

Traditional medicines don’t usually have any effect on cystic pimples because they are located below the surface of the skin. That’s why you have to exfoliate the affected area of excess oil so that there is space for the product you use. Once you know that the skin is clear, apply the salicylic cleanser of Renee Roleau.  This is an anti-cyst treatment called Anti Bump Solutions especially made to treat this issue. It will clean the cyst from deep within the skin and reduce all marks of acne.

If you already have dry skin, you don’t need to clean the oil from your skin. Simply continue with the salicylic cleanser and use it according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Deal with Swelling

No matter which products you use, cystic acne starts swelling once you begin treating it. This swelling can be quite irritating and cause further issues if not tackled properly. The best solution is the use of ice. The cold temperature will constrict the blood vessels and reduce swelling and redness. Take a few ice cubes and wrap them in a paper towel to hold against the bump. Do this three times in one hour, and thoroughly wash your face using ice cubes and avoid touching it after the process. If you wash your skin with warm water right after using the ice-cold temperature treatment, it will warm up and swell just as it was before.

Removing the Bacteria in Skin

Even after the use of salicylic cleanser, bacteria will still be inside your skin.  It will remain there and cause other issues if not removed. The most common of these issues include inflammation and irritation of the follicles. That’s why you have to follow a few practices to ensure that your face is cystic, oil, and bacteria free. You need a moisturizer to prevent any irritation.

Use a light moisturizer to prime your skin. After that, purchase a good product that will kill bacteria without causing any problem. Use as minimum an amount on the affected area as possible. If you apply too much, you will feel a stinging or burning sensation. This means that the quantity is too strong for your skin and that you should wash it off.

If There is Redness

People have different types of skin with different types of genes. There is a possibility that some might see redness in the bump area after they start treating the cysts. If you have such an issue, visit a pharmacy or your doctor to prescribe you a low-dose steroid cream. This will soothe the redness and also reduce the size of the pimple.  And don’t spend much time in front of heat sources after applying the creams or using any of these practices to remove cystic acne.