Best Eyeshades for This Fall-Winter 2019


This past New York Fashion Week served as a lesson in seasonal makeup. You might think you know the latest makeup trends: Matte skin, berry lips, and jewel tones. But with this New York Fashion Week, there is something new. The makeup artists seemed to have more fun with their looks. This gives us a sneak peek of what will be the upcoming make uptrends in fall. So take out your cosmetic boxes; it’s time to upgrade your vanity and your cosmetic subscription boxes.

As for the senior makeup artists, the seasonal makeup trends do not matter now, and everything is in. Wear what suits you best. But New York Fashion week left us with this question:

Why was there a change in makeup trends during fall 2019 fashion week?

Colorful Makeup Looks to Don at A Summer Party pink eyeshadow nude lips
Photo Credit: @snitchery/Instagram

Pink eye shadow, glowing skin sans-highlighter, and fluttering lashes were all part of the trend story, one that points to diversity in makeup instead of a boxed-in idea of what beauty should be. Fluttering lashes, bronzed skin, glowing skin-highlighters, and pink eye shadows are ruling the fashion runway in fashion week. They play with this color and creates a breathtaking and glamour’s look.

So, the makeup trends for winter/fall 2019 are much more playful and spirited than you were anticipating. There are few old standbys such as cabernet blotted lip. That is undoubtedly commonplace through the cold, chiller months. But the dewy or pink skin will surely blow up your mind. Be a fashion dive in fall 2019, if you are running a cosmetic business and looking for fall-winter pallets ideas than there are the best ideas for eyeshadow cosmetic companies.

Smokey Eyes are Always in Trend

Smokey eye makeup looks are not precisely groundbreaking for this fall. But the designers Laquan and Tom turned this standard style on its peak. The senior makeup artist Dianea Kendal, opted for a Smokey makeup look. She describes her look as Smokey with the blend of pink. She used a handle of nudes to create the look and completed her makeup look with a glossed lip. So, it is the right time to throw away black shades and get all nudes, pink and mauve shades in your cosmetic boxes.

If you deal with cosmetic subscription boxes than it is time to add some pinkish nudes’ pallet in the custom cosmetic boxes, wear this makeup look and rock the winter with confidence.

Play with Neon Shadows

Photo By @mmmmitchell/Instagram

In winter and fall, you normally do not see bright pink or neon eyeshades. But this winter there is something new and playful. Why restrict yourself to warm tones only? Cool tones go well in winters if you know how to carry them. At New York fashion week Fatima Thomas opted for a neon eye makeup look. If you have a bold personality than this neon is for you. Remember the neon colors are not perfect for the office but are great for nights out.

Sparkle and Glitters Everywhere in Fall 2019

Glitter Makeup Looks glitter eyemakeup and nude lips
Photo By: @bybrookelle/Instagram

It is so much fun to use glitter while doing makeup. But in 2019 makeup artists go way above the usual line. They go for the splash of glitter on the eyes rather the subtle touch. As in fall, there will be more focus on the eye rather than face. And when it comes to a bare face, glitter eyeshadows are here to rock the fashion trend. Glitter and naked skin are a unique combination that will rock this fall.

Rectangular Metallic Eye Makeup

Smudged eyeshades have transformed to a new look for the winter 2019 eye makeup trends. The artist of NYFW used both shadows and cream to create a marvelous, messy, unblended look that goes perfect with grunge themes, bright metallic eyeshadows apply in a rectangular shape look stunning on the lid in chili winters night.

Eyeshades cosmetic companies and cosmetic subscription boxes should consider these looks and introduce these winter/fall pallets into 2019 so that all makeup lovers rock this look.


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Best Eyeshades for This Fall-Winter 2019