Fall Footwear Trend: The Cowboy Boot


The fashion industry never runs out of new trends and styles. Whatever trend has caught the hype train, people make sure to go with the flow according to every season. As the temperature naturally decreases during the fall season, clothes that can keep people warm and cozy take the top of the list of fashion essentials. Sweaters, scarves, and leather bottoms are in—and let’s not forget about boots! Keep in mind that part of the first impression you give others will come from your footwear.

Cowboy Boots: How Did They Start?

Fashion trends disappear and come back all the time, and that includes footwear. Various types and makes of boots that were popular before become outdated over the years. The popularity of others can depend on the mood or season.

But one type of boot seems to have been making waves since last year—cowboy boots.

Contrary to popular belief, cowboy boots aren’t only worn by cowboys. Even if you’ve yet to ride a horse or you don’t live in the wild, wild West, you can definitely pull off those unique leather boots. But where, when, and how did cowboy boots start?

The first pair of cowboy boots dates back to the 1860s, where wearing a pair of these isn’t considered a fashion statement, but more of a convenience. There’s no specific mention of who exactly came up with the idea of cowboy boots, but it is presumed to be crafted by a shoemaker in Texas or Kansas. During the Civil War, cowboys driving cattle through different places across the country wore different pairs of boots, which were easily susceptible to wear and tear as they travelled for extended periods. Since cowboys are used to long hours of dashing through high grasses and bushes, submerging through water forms to ease the travel distance, and resting their feet on metal stirrups and saddles, they need footwear that is durable and can last for the duration of their journey.

To cater to these travel conditions, it is said that a cowboy requested a shoemaker to craft a pair of boots with specific designs and features, thus giving birth to this new type of footwear. Cowboy boots became popular around the globe during the 1920s to 1930s, when movies and radio shows were mostly about the Wild West and cowboys. In 1940, different pairs were created with varying designs and intricacies, and the production of cowboy boots even skyrocketed in the 1950s, when country music and entertainment were all about rodeos.

Today, cowboy boots are making one of the biggest fashion comebacks that serve different purposes to fashion enthusiasts. Boot manufacturers like Tecovas create adventurous and unique pieces made from different skins, studs, and other embellishments. Unlike before, when cowboy boots were seen as highly functional and protective footwear, cowboy boots nowadays are viewed as remarkable fashion statements as they’re made from the most premium materials utilized in footwear.


Why Wear Cowboy Boots?

You probably have different reasons for having a pair or two of cowboy boots in your wardrobe right now. Among the different types of footwear—slip-ons, heels, sandals, flip-flops—what are the top reasons to choose cowboy boots for today’s OOTD?

  • A pair of cowboy boots isn’t just an ordinary pair. Every pair of cowboy boots is created from high-quality materials, wherein its craftsmanship does not only serve the purpose of being a fashion statement. Looking back at the history of cowboy boots, they’re initially made for durability and to provide its wearer a form of protection, so the manufacturing process is both straightforward and meticulous. Through wearing a pair of these, you won’t have to suffer from pain because of fashion, and your feet are rest assured protected.
  • Cowboy boots are flexible. You can match a pair of boots with a wide variety of clothing inside your wardrobe. There’s no limit to being playful with your cowboy boots as long as you feel comfortable wearing them. There are various ways to mix and match your outfits with your cowboy boots, which you can read about below.

Different Ways to Slay Your Pair

Cowboy boots are among the footwear pieces that look premium and stylish, but this can be quite challenging to pull off. Whether you’re a fashion junkie or a starter, it’s time to know how you can pull off these boots with the right amount of fashion sense. Here are some of the clothing pieces that can perfectly complement your pair of cowboy boots:

            For women:

  • With tight skinny jeans
  • Printed long skirt or a high-waist skirt
  • Floral overall dresses
  • Match the color with your trench coat
  • When in doubt, go with a white blouse and pants

            For men:

  • Dark and close-fitted jeans
  • Collared shirts
  • Belts with decorative material and buckles
  • Dress trousers
  • Leather or denim jackets


Being fashionable means being comfortable and stylish at the same time. Footwear is one of the most important fashion pieces that can let you express your personality or mood, but keep in mind not to compromise your safety and comfort either. During the fall season when the weather can get cold, take into account how you’d be comfortable wearing the right pair of shoes. Choosing the perfect cowboy boots should be a combination of trend and style, comfort, safety, and satisfaction.


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