12 Best Hairstyles for a Student Party

On the eve of a party, you need to think in detail about your look – especially your hair and makeup. In our post, we offer ideas you can draw inspiration from that demonstrate the latest hair styling trends and the best examples of hairstyles for a student party.

When a student party is near, every fashionista thinks about donning a new look, selecting a new haircut, and determining fashionable hairstyles for herself. The easiest way to drastically change your image is to dye your hair a different color. However, this season you should not dye your hair, as the natural look is in fashion. You will only have to experiment with hairstyles! All natural colors are in fashion. We won’t talk about fashionable hair colors, so for now I would like to discuss the most beautiful hairstyles for a student party.

Low Bun

It is a simple and fast way to look elegant. You can add long earrings – they make your image more chic.



The headbands that Blair Waldorf loved so much in “Gossip Girl” have returned. You just have to choose: a wide, simple black one, or a “precious” sparkling one, like a monarch’s tiara.


High Bun

This is a favorite trick of Hollywood hairdressers. The “crown” made via the hair will turn any girl into the queen of the ball.


Hairpins and Jewelry

Add one sparkling accessory in your hair, and you become a star, even if you don’t have the styling itself. If a wealth of stones sparkles in your hair, everyone will look only at you.


Wet Styling


Wet styling is simple to do, always looks unusual, and opens up the face and neck as much as possible – you can, without embarrassment, use bright makeup.

Heidi Braid

It is a feminine and versatile option that is appropriate with any outfit.


Pony Tail

For a long time, the pony tail was considered an everyday hairstyle, but it gradually became a good option for parties. There are a lot of options: fluffy, smooth, or with curls.



Popular in the 1950s, this accessory is in fashion again. And this means it’s time to tie a ribbon – even an ordinary low tail with a ribbon looks original and festive.



No, we are not talking about props in the hair (although that isn’t a crime). Initially, chignon was the name of the styling, in which hair was gathered in a compound bun at the back of the head. Later this word began to designate not the hairstyle itself, but the hair attachment. However, a hairpiece can be made from your own hair. This option is perfect for a student party.



It does not matter what you make, whether it’s a simple braid, a cunning fish tail, or something else. In any case, it’s a good option for a student party.



It’s a classic which, by the way, gives the hairstyle volume, and at the same time a pleasant choice: curls can be worn on a straight hairline or on the side (often called the “Hollywood wave”).

This style is always in fashion. It is created not only for the everyday look, but also for special events. Curls look very feminine and elegant. For a party, stylists recommend choosing large curls with a bouffant effect to make the female image more expressive. In this case, the hair can be supplemented with a variety of accessories.


Double Bun

A student party is not a pretentious event; it is quite possible to fall into childish behavior and misbehave a bit. With such a hairstyle, you will definitely have fun!


Keep in mind that hairstyles for a party should be well fixed – owners of the prettiest party hairstyles are no different from other party-goers in their desire to have fun, drink a little, and even dance. It makes sense to take care of how you will adjust your hair during the party – bring a small bottle of hairspray, a couple of combs, and a small mirror in your bag.

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The Old Hollywood Wave Reinvented