How to Make Red Lipstick Last All Day


Red lips are the epitome of gentle and mysterious. When sporting red lips, however, you’ll definitely want to learn how to make red lipstick last to enjoy its blinding and flawless look for as long as possible.

Our lips, along with our eyes, make the biggest statement when it comes to putting on makeup. The general rule of thumb is to either focus your energy on one or the other unless you wish to run the risk of looking like you’ve put on too much makeup.

Not everyone knows how to wear red lipstick well, though. Not all of us are as impeccably gorgeous with it as Gwen Stefani, with her snow white skin and bright red lips: a signature in the music world. Fire engine red lips they are, and you can sport them, too.


It doesn’t need much courage to step outside with those lips on display once you see yourself shining bright through that mirror that never lies. It’s just a matter of taking that first step and receiving that first compliment. After that, it’s smooth sailing for us women.

All you really have to do is find the perfect shade of red that matches you; that includes your skin tone and your hair color, alongside deciding which look best fits your personality.

For blondes, it’s the muted shades with pink, peach and coral undertones that work best. Classic or platinum blondes should go for a more berry or wine tint, as the brighter shades in orange red or scarlet might make one seem vulgar and cheap. The wheat and yellow bases of blonde can pass off the terracotta, Bordeaux and cold berries easily, going for the richer color tints.

Those with tanned skin should opt for purple or orange undertones, while darker skin goes best with the orange reds. Brunettes are lucky as they can pull off most shades of red with ease. Those with rich brown hair should steer clear of raspberry or plum colors though, while burgundy and wine are grand options, as well as berry notes.

Jet black hair looks amazing with fuchsias, plum and bright red tints, while redheads should beware of going too bright or with colder hues, instead opting for corals and warmth. Here, golden lilac, pale pink and pale orange work best, while berry options are universally flattering as well as classy.

But how should you be wearing your red lipstick so that it lasts longest?

Avoid Lip Gloss

While lip gloss is great for added moisture and making your lips pop for a few hours, it is the worst thing you can use as a base when you want the lipstick to last for a long time. Glitter and glossy finishes should be left in the teen section of your nearest cosmetics section.

You can, however, decide to use a long-lasting adult lip gloss that will, in turn, give thinner lips a healthier, plumper look, while reducing your commitment to the lovely red you’ve decided to try out for yourself.

Try a Lip Tint

It’s a rather intriguing alternative to a tube of bright red lipstick, as well as something a lot more grown up than lip-gloss. Plus, the gloss gets gunky, it sticks to your hair and can be messy taking off.

Instead, go for the matte version of the color, without all the goo and the added benefits of having lips look bigger, even by a few millimeters. Plus, tints have the same power as gloss to stay put.

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Maybe a Lip Balm?

It’s not the first thing that will pop into your mind when you think about wearing long lasting red colors on your lips, but lip balms are actually an amazing alternative to all the rest and are well loved in the beauty department for their finesse. The problem is that you will be applying it several times a day, but it may have SPF, it is a moisturizer and the color often looks better even if it’s not bold or strong.

The softer versions though look rather amazing with this touch. Hey, they even work as blush replacements when cheeks are pale and dry in the middle of winter.

Lip Stains Last Longest

If you want the color on your lips to go for the longest time of period, breaking world records, then stains are your best bet, particularly since they give the lipstick effect without the cakey feeling and possible bleeding out of the lines. If you have it applied correctly, stains are the best beauty product you can own.

The problem? It isn’t going to come off with a tissue and a bit of water. On the contrary! So you truly do have to know what you’re doing so that there are no mistakes in application.

Cheap versions should be avoided in any case, as is the rule of thumb with most beauty products, but it should be noted that the look is more subtle, kind of like the tints, the balms and the glosses.

Lipsticks Have the Best Effect

Bold red shades that last long and look great are done with lipsticks in every tint of red available. You choose the one that matches you and ride out with it. There are really long wearing lipsticks but there’s a catch to them: they peel instead of wearing off over time. Plus, you can’t normally wipe these off and will need a makeup remover instead.

You might want to check the reviews of some of those longer wearing lipsticks before actually buying them to ensure the quality meets your standards.

In order to make the red lipstick last longer, you’re going to need a lip pencil in the same shade as the tube, some translucent powder, a blush to apply it and tissue. Make an X on your cupid’s bow and line the whole of your lips filling it all in so that it looks red, matte and perfect.

Use a lipstick brush to apply the lipstick itself for better precision, while a single ply of toilet paper tissue will work best for the application of the powder. Just put the tissue against your lips and brush on the loose translucent powder so that it makes it a touch more matte but certainly not dull, while the color itself is left unchanged.

This just ensures that your lips keep their color and brightness for a longer period of time. Artist’s tricks are the best.

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