Beauty, Youth, Opportunities: What Other Advantages Do Students Have?


Student years can be called one of the greatest yet hardest periods in everyone’s life. On the one hand, you are young, beautiful, and surrounded by like-minded people of the same age. It seems that the whole life is ahead, so you have plenty of time to enjoy your youth to the fullest.

However, many people focus on some less pleasant sides of student life. They bury themselves under numerous papers, forgetting that they can always order an online essay to free up their schedules and spend their weekend out of campus. One can hardly argue that the real-life starts outside the dorm room. Young people forget that their life is ideal for doing experiments, trying new things and styles. Besides, their status provides them with different discounts and rewards that they can use to their advantage.

1. Amazon Prime Student

Many students are huge fashionistas who are always in search of some cool and outstanding outfits. And while offline shopping can sometimes be a challenge, you can always go online. If you sign up with Prime Student on the famous website, you will be provided with a tremendous number of various discounts and a chance to get your purchases shipped within two days free of charge during the first six months of usage. Besides, you will gain access to Amazon Music free of ads for less than $1 per month.


If you are searching for an all-in-one shop for student discounts, it is high time to pay attention to this service and register with your college (or university) email. You will get access to about 170 various deals and discounts on beauty products, devices, clothes, fitness, etc. The cool thing is that they cooperate with world-famous brands as well, so if you want to get an Adidas outfit or Ray-Ban sunglasses, you are welcome to use the service. It is easy to look trendy if you know where to get the required discounts. Besides, you can always get the assistance of a professional essay writing service to have more time for quality shopping.

3. College nights

Being a student doesn’t mean spending your nights over books and assignments. If you leave your dorm, you will find out that many local companies offer various student discounts. Thus, you can arrange a cultural program almost for free if you have a student ID. Cinemas and museums provide young people with two-for-one deals, so if you have someone who can make you a company, you can have a great time together without spending a pretty penny. You can run into such deals in campus newspapers or companies’ social networks.

4. Gadget cost cuts

A modern student cannot do without certain gadgets to keep up with the curriculum. Of course, a laptop will be on the top of the list. However, such a purchase may cost you a fortune, especially if you choose some more advanced options. Fortunately, some famous companies like Microsoft, Apple, and others are ready to provide college students with discounts. In some cases, you can even get some perks if you purchase a laptop. Thus, if you are going to update your devices, don’t forget about possible cost cuts. It is especially relevant for students who want to try their hand at e-learning.

5. Gym discounts

In most cases, students can attend a free gym and different fitness classes on campus. However, if you are interested in some outside spots, you can find out whether they provide discounted memberships. In eight out of ten cases, you will get a great deal that helps reduce the expenses. Today, most gyms and fitness centers strive to be student-friendly, so don’t miss such a chance. The statistics show that young people who find time for physical activity regularly show better academic performance and stress resistance than couch potatoes.

6. Affordable travels

Student years are a great time to broaden your horizons and visit new places. Many people are fond of traveling and taking pics along the route. If you don’t mind arranging a journey during your spring or summer break, it is time to search for all the possible student discounts. On the Internet, you can run into websites that offer student-friendly prices on accommodation, transportation, attractions, etc. Thus, you will be able to travel even on a small budget.

7. Cheaper subscriptions

If you want to get subscribed to some newspapers or magazines, it is worth finding out whether they can provide you with a discount. For example, authoritative publications like The New York Times have amazing offers for students. Besides, your campus may provide them free of charge at all, so it is better to check it out beforehand. The same goes for different apps and programs that can be potentially useful for students.

8. Public catering discounts

It is great to be a student from different sides, especially when you are familiar with all the opportunities. Thus, many restaurants and cafes provide students with discounts either regularly or on a particular day of the week. The thing is that most chain places don’t advertise their offers even though they provide discounts, so it is better to ask whether they have some special deals. And if you like to meet with friends for lunch in some trendy places, you can do a little investigation to determine whether you can do it more comfortably for your bank account.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.