6 Watch Styles that Every Man Should Have in His Collection

In today’s world of smartphones and clocks on every digital interface, it’s almost pointless to own a wristwatch. However, a man of style understands a wristwatch represents much more than just a timepiece. A wristwatch showcases the owner’s personality and can convey his taste, sense of style, and even wealth. Unlike women, men don’t have many luxury accessories. Their choices are limited to watches and cufflinks.

Everyone is striving to have classic and timeless watches. But a man who values fashion should not just have one watch. He should have a watch collection that has a mix of different kinds of watches perfect for different styles. Many people buy plenty of great watches, but they don’t really build a collection because all the watches are more or less similar. Therefore, it’s important to have a collection that comprises different styles and complications. Below are six men’s watch styles to have in your collection.

  1. Dress Watch

The primary purpose of the dress watch is to complement formal wear, such as a business suit. Whenever you’re attending an event, your accessories should match the formality of the event. For a formal event, therefore, a simple watch with a light-colored face and leather strap would be perfect. You should also match the color of the leather strap with the color of your belt and shoes. In addition, the watch should be appropriately proportioned to your wrist. If worn with a suit, it must be thin enough to slip in and out of the shirt cuff easily.

Since you go to work in a suit every day or attend events now and then, it goes without saying that a dress watch is the first watch to have in your collection.

  1. Field Watch

Field watches were first introduced in the mid-nineteenth century when German officers adapted women’s wristwatches into practical, rugged, tools of warfare. The watch’s popularity spread throughout militaries of the world, and the style has persisted to date. Military watches, however, are not solely worn by officers, but are perfect for any modern man and make an excellent addition to your collection. They are ideal for casual wear, weekends and hanging out.

A military field watch is characterized by high readability even under low-light, functionality, and durability. From Timex to Casio, you can surely find a classic military watch with the features that you want and one that’s within your budget.  Check out 15 of the best military-grade watches to get the ideal one to add to your collection.

  1. Dive Watch

As one of the most prolific men’s watch styles, a dive watch should not be missed in your watch collection. And just because they are dive watches doesn’t imply they should be worn solely by divers. Dive watches are versatile and easy to read. In addition to having superior water resistance, a dive is highly accurate, classic and sporty. You can wear with any outfit, and they always command some respect. In fact, James Bond wore it with a tux.

  1. Casual Watch

The casual watch is the sort of timepiece that you wear with your casual outfits on weekends, watching a game, running errands, partying, things like that. A watch that won’t stress you when the crystal gets scratched. You can find a wide variety of them out there, and most are quite affordable. You can always choose leather, rubber, canvas or metal straps, whichever you’re most comfortable with.

  1. Sports Watch

Sports watches are fun to have when you’re out there engaging in sporting or fun activities, working out, or just being active. This makes them a must-have in your watch collection. They are light, comfortable, and they can take a beating. Depending on your choice of sport, these watches have built-in features such as water resistance (for swimming), compasses (for hiking), timers, and backlit screens. Others designed for athletes can track time and store data. They are worn with casual outfits.

  1. Luxury Watch

Even though not everyone is a fan of fancy, expensive stuff, a watch collection is not complete without at least one luxury watch. There’s always going to be that one out of the ordinary occasion that you’ll want to really stand out. There are many awesome luxury watches out there, from Rolex watches to Patek Philippe, but it’s good to choose a watch that is special to you and makes you feel good and confident.


Having a watch collection is great. However, it’s not easy to know exactly which types of watches to include in the collection. With these six styles, you have the perfect collection that takes care of every activity that you could be involved in. Start with the type that you will use the most and build your collection from there.