Makeup Tips to Upgrade Your Everyday Routine

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Attention busy ladies, we are on a mission to make your makeup routine easier, faster and of course better. With so many trends and beauty launches, it’s unacceptable to keep a status quo when it comes to your makeup routine. If you are afraid to experiment on your own, we got your back. Without further delay, let’s jump straight to the life-changing tricks you need to know to upgrade the way you glam up every day.

Let’s admit, we all fail to get our beauty sleep from time to time. And even if you don’t, your face needs to look fresh and awaken. Besides eye creams that might be part of your skin regime, there is another quick thing you can do to fake or hide a good sleep. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a bright (preferable shimmery) eyeshadow. This is how you go from basic to fantastic in just seconds!

Blending for hours in 6 a.m in the morning is not the most enjoyable thing you could do, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on colors. Refresh your look with colorful underliner or even wing it out on your eyelids if you feel like wearing a fierce hued feline eye. Opt for rich colors such as royal blue, turquoise, or green, so everyone can see that bold is your mood of the day.

Every one of us is probably guilty of pushing the nude lipstick too hard. Sure this color is our go-to for so many good reasons, but don’t you think is sad to get stuck in a routine when you have so many options? Makeup is about having fun, even if you have only 15 minutes in the morning. Put your berries, burgundies, reds, oranges, violets and every other hue that makes you feel good in action. Nowadays, even bold colors such as green, black and blue come in form of a lipstick. So, feel free to welcome these shades in your makeup routine.

When doing subtle, everyday makeup looks, it’s all about radiant and healthy-looking skin. Besides getting your glow on point with your go-to highlighter, add a flirty note to your cheeks with a blush in a bright color that flatters your complexion. This year you are even allowed to contour with your blush for a flushed natural look. The blush contouring a.k.a draping is already a huge trend among celebrities. This technique is a game changer for your everyday makeup. It gives you a fresh, naturally blushed look.

To enhance the natural radiance of your skin, get a multifunctional highlighter stick that has a hint of color to it. You can use this all over your cheeks, to highlight and even on your eyes and lips. Unless you have oily skin, creams like this stick are a better option if you are going for that minimal fresh day makeup look.

Slide through our gallery full of innovative and easy makeup looks to get more inspiration on how to upgrade your makeup routine.

Vanessa Hudgens

Makeup Tips to Upgrade Your Everyday Routine Vanessa Hudgens

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