Essential Steps to Have Clean and Healthy Natural Lashes


“The eyes are the windows of the soul.” they say. Truly, having clean and healthy natural lashes is not only a must but is also a big confidence boost as they are the flattering curtains for our eyes. But how can we keep our lashes clean and healthy? Before diving into that, let’s go over the facts about the natural shedding process of our eyelashes to avoid any stress and confusion in your journey to achieving healthy lashes.

Natural Shedding of Lashes

The shedding of eyelashes is not something to be feared as it is a natural part of what our body does for us. If our skin sheds, so do our eyelashes. Approximately, we lose 5-7 lashes on a daily basis, which is considered normal. There are four stages that our eyelashes go through in its cycle. The Anagen phase is when the hair follicles are growing, followed by the Catagen phase in which hair growth slows down, the Telogen stage then comes, wherein the hair stops growing but doesn’t shed yet, and lastly, the Exogen stage or the shedding phase takes place and the growth of hair starts again. 

So think twice before you go on a shopping spree to buy all of the eyelash growing elixirs in hopes of saving your shedding eyelashes.   

But sometimes we might notice that we are losing more than 5-7 lashes daily, although this could be from seasonal shedding. You might notice that from December to February, you lose fewer lashes, while during summer and the beginning of autumn, you tend to lose more. 

Now that we know why we lose a few strands of our eyelashes every now and then, let’s focus on what we can do to have healthy and clean lashes. 

Essential steps to Take

  • Eat healthy food. You may have heard that whatever you eat, is what your body absorbs. Therefore, eating food rich in protein provides folic acid for the body to absorb, and folic acid is what aids in hair growth. Staying on top of your nutrition is definitely something you would want to do. Who doesn’t want to be beautiful and healthy on the inside and out? 
  • Wash your face before bedtime. It is absolutely tempting to go to bed without washing your face especially after a very long and stressful day at work. But this causes so much damage to your eyes! Irritation is only one of the problems that you might face, there’s the issue of clogged sweat glands, redness, inflammation, the production of sebum from oil glands which can cause blockages, dust, makeup residue, and many others. Yikes! By now you can imagine just how important it is to keep your lashes clean. 
  • Do not opt for DIY mixtures or substances. With the rise of DIY fixes due to their convenience and affordability, it’s easy to fall into this trap. What’s so wrong with DIY fixes? Well, for starters, the compounds and makeup of what you add to your concoction do not always react well with each other, which can cause a bad reaction to your skin. This is why all products must be dermatologically tested as well as manufactured in a sterile facility before touching your skin. You definitely don’t want to end up with swollen or hairless eyelids, or worse, having to go on a trip to the emergency room and later ending up confined for a few days due to the damage that was done to your beautiful eyes, all because of a hocus pocus brew that went wrong.
  • Check the ingredients of your eyelash cleansers or products that you put on your eyelashes. If DIY’s are a big no-no, you will also need to make sure that the ingredients in your products or cleansers that come in contact with your eyes are actually safe and helpful to your eyelash health. For instance, Gingko Biloba keeps the skin from dryness and aging, it helps with skin conditioning and acts as a natural sunscreen. Green tea restores hair health and adds shine to your hair, and it is great for individuals who have sensitive skin. To get the best care and active repair for your eyelashes, Forabeli’s Lash Shampoo contains 6 nourishing and deep cleansing plant extracts to feed your lashes. It’s chemical and toxin-free, hypoallergenic and vegan-friendly.
  • Use cleansers that are suited for the eyes. Oil-free eyelash cleansers help remove all that dirt, makeup, build-up oils, and all the other nasty gunk all while preventing irritation on your delicate eyes and eyelids. Don’t forget to use a soft applicator brush when gently cleaning your lashes and to not overdo cleaning them.  
  • Avoid Stress. Earlier we mentioned that eyelash shedding is normal, however, stress is linked to premature hair-loss conditions. It’s safe to say that beauty sleep is something you should definitely make time for. 

Following these tips will help you achieve clean and healthy natural eyelashes. Of course, these tips are not considered an overnight fix. The key is being consistent with the routine and over time you will see the improvement on your lashes.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.