Beauty Trends Expected to Rule in 2018


We only have a few days left from 2017, which was a revolutionary year on many levels. From activism and women’s empowerment to rising of inclusivity in beauty and fashion, it’s safe to say that we did a lot of good things this past year. After so many innovative trends we loved and hated, the question is what to expect for 2018? More revolution is one of the answers, but take a look what else might go big in beauty in 2018.

More Inclusivity

Rihanna was one of the main advocates for beauty inclusivity in 2017 with her Fenty Beauty brand that dropped 40 shades of foundation. Huda Beauty followed up with 30 shade foundation range. Furthermore, Kylie Cosmetics offered whopping 30 shades of concealer, which makes it the most inclusive concealer range in the beauty industry. Color cosmetics got more inclusive as well, with brands dropping 30 to 40 lipstick shades that flatter any complexion. If brands want to be competitive in 2018, they have to try even harder than this. Aside from universal drops like these, cosmetic brands will continue to invite diverse models to front their campaigns.

J-beauty Might Beat K-beauty

We always asked ourselves what’s Asian women’s secret for a flawless skin. K-beauty gave us the answer by introducing affordable products that help you achieve the “glass skin” effect. It turns out that many K-beauty products originate from Japanese beauty secrets. Anyway, the Japanese economy wasn’t at its best lately, so companies couldn’t invest much in new ideas. On the other hand, South Korea predicted the potential and invested in the beauty industry. But now that Japanese economy is recovering, K-beauty brands might face some serious competition on the market.

Luxury Isn’t What it Used to Be

In 2018 people will get more value for their money, but will also pay less. Many innovative brands appeared on the beauty map thanks to their affordable products that actually work. Colourpop turned the beauty world upside down with its $5 super shock eyeshadows when it first launched. Now the brand is available in Sephora. The innovative skincare brand The Ordinary that’s a part of The Abnormal Beauty Company Deciem became a serious competition to luxury brands that offer similar products. With prices that start at less than $5 and thousands of positive reviews, The Ordinary became one of the most popular affordable luxury brands. The quality isn’t defined by price anymore. Expect to get more and pay less for beauty in 2018.

Clean Beauty

There is a huge misconception with the term “natural beauty” and in 2018 things are about to get more clear for us. Clean cosmetics don’t have to necessarily be natural. On the other hand, “natural” doesn’t mean harmless. We are about to upgrade our beauty routines with more clean products in 2018. Clean Beauty means free of harmful ingredients such as silicones, parabens, and sulfates (especially SLS). Unfortunately, many natural products have these in their formulas. So before you get tricked by the term “natural” read the small text on the packaging and see what’s in the product.

Products That Fight Pollution

Another important thing is anti-pollution skincare. People are getting more conscious that the pollution and other factors such as air conditioning, heating, and captive bacteria affect their skin. They are more and more interested in brands that help the skin fight against these factors.

Written by Ivana Steriova
Ivana Shteriova Karaniku is the content manager and a contributor at She is a fashion and makeup obsessive with a huge passion for writing. Although she holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and auditing, her love for all things fashion and beauty won her heart. Now, she is a full-time freelancer.