51 Cute Ankle Tattoos for Women: Ideas To Inspire

Cute Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women

This year, we have seen the resurgence of ankle tattoos as a trend. Ankle tattoos have come back in all types of designs, from lean designs or scripts to full anklet bands (hello ‘90s!). To get one of these ankle tattoos, though, will take some commitment – getting ink done is generally painful, depending on the exact placement. But the result is totally worth it if you love the look.

Cute Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women

If there’s a design you’ve always wanted to get tattooed on your body but have been too worried about future repercussions, the ankle is the perfect place since you can easily hide it with your socks or boots! If you feel ready to embrace this ‘90s ankle tattoo trend, here is a list of 51 great ankle tattoo ideas for women to get your brain working!

1. Slim Lettering Ankle Tattoo

This ankle tattoo design is perfect if you have a phrase that you want to carry with you wherever you go. In a lovely, cute font, it’s perfectly feminine and simple. Whatever words you choose, you can personalize the font details to suit your style!

2. Paw Prints Ankle Tattoo

If you’re a dog lover, this teeny ankle tattoo is a great design, especially if you had or have any unforgettable pets in your life. It’s a super cute tattoo idea and could be a great commemoration as well.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Paw Prints Ankle Tattoo


3. Puppy Face Ankle Tattoo

Speaking of pet commemorations, this adorable dog ankle tattoo will put a smile on your face every time you look at it. Using a cute picture or a picture of that special dog in your life, if you’re a dog lover you’ll love this ankle tattoo.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Puppy Face Ankle Tattoo


4. Diamond Heart Ankle Tattoo

Following the classic ankle tattoo femininity, this diamond-shaped heart ankle tattoo is cute and geometric, so it’s interesting to look at. It’s super subtle yet also vibrant in its own way. The heart on top makes it totally adorable as well!

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Diamond Heart Ankle Tattoo


5. Oh, Deer! Ankle Tattoo

This cute and simple deer sketch ankle tattoo is perfect for women who love the outdoors or just the idea of deer in nature in general. It’s a simple silhouette, so it won’t take long at all to ink up the area, leaving you with this adorable new ankle tattoo.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Deer Ankle Tattoo


6. Compass Ankle Tattoo

This straight-lined ankle tattoo is sleek and easy, with adorably scaled icons to bring the design to life. If you’re always getting lost, maybe this design will help in a pinch! Regardless, the design is super cute and chic.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Compass Ankle Tattoo


7. Sleeping Cat Ankle Tattoo

Who doesn’t melt at the sight of a napping kitten? This ankle tattoo idea is all about keeping that cute little image close at hand – or, rather, foot in this case! It’s a good bet you won’t live to regret a cat tattoo if you love them this much.

8. Puppy Body Ankle Tattoo

The only bad thing about this ankle tattoo idea is that you can’t actually rub the puppy’s belly. Regardless, this is a cute tattoo for dog lovers that will keep you smiling whenever you look at it, especially if you have a special breed that always puts you in a good mood.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Puppy Body Ankle Tattoo


9. Lavender Sprig Ankle Tattoo

This is a sweet ankle tattoo that frames your anklebone with feminine lavender. The colors are lovely and will add an extra little something to your footwear, especially if your kicks are white, as shown here.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Lavender Sprig Ankle Tattoo


10. Encircled Arrow Ankle Tattoo

Arrows are already one of the most used tattoo designs, and this is a sharp execution of it. The vertical arrow is interesting to look at and the blue wrapping around it is a beautiful deep shade that adds just a bit of color to your everyday look.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Encircled Arrow Ankle Tattoo


11. Cat Friends Ankle Tattoo

Who says “crazy cat ladies” can’t be trendy? With ankle tattoos trending and cats always being a huge hit, putting the two together is a natural combination. You can get your favorite types of cats in adorable poses.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Cat Friends Ankle Tattoo


12. Whale Map Ankle Tattoo

This ink is feminine and colorful in perfect balance. It features the world map with a cute whale cutting through and across, all with a lovely blue color in the background. It’s a fun design that’s also super simple and perfect for an ankle tattoo.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Whale Map Ankle Tattoo


13. Fox and Flower Ankle Tattoo

Flowers are a go-to ankle tattoo idea. What really makes this design special is the adorable fox at the center. Putting the two together, you have a feminine ankle tattoo design that’s simple and cute enough that it won’t get old.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Fox and Flower Ankle Tattoo


14. Freedom Flower Ankle Tattoo

At first look, this is just a beautiful flower design with a swirling stem. Looking deeper, though, shows that the stem is really made of a beautifully scripted “Freedom,” giving not only a great look, but also a great meaning to this lovely purple ankle tattoo.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Freedom Flower Ankle Tattoo


15. Zodiac Compass Ankle Tattoo

This ankle tattoo is centered around a strikingly detailed golden compass surrounded by a scorpion and koi fish in the iconic yin-yang shape. This brings together Scorpio and Pisces in the image, along with some beautiful blue detailing.

16. Baby’s Breath Ankle Tattoo

For the woman with a sweetly feminine fashion sense, this delicate baby’s breath design is a great ankle tattoo idea. It’s a simple black outline of the flowers, and will keep all of your outfits looking freshly feminine.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Baby’s Breath Ankle Tattoo


17. Four-Leaf Clover Ankle Tattoo

This adorable ankle tattoo will bring luck to you in your daily life. If you’re ever finding yourself having a rough day, you can look down at the deep green clover on your ankle and it’s sure to turn your day around, starting with a smile!

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Four-Leaf Clover Ankle Tattoo


18. Floral Anklet Tattoo

This cute ankle tattoo idea wraps a string of flowers around the ankle, like an anklet. This pictures shows pink and blue in a soft and feminine design; you can take two of your favorite complementing colors to create your own perfect ankle tattoo.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Floral Anklet Tattoo


19. Dreamcatcher Ankle Tattoo

This is another common tattoo design, and putting it on your ankle makes it that much more feminine. The design has its intricacies through detailed embellishments, which keep things delicate while still being an in-depth ankle tattoo.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Dreamcatcher Ankle Tattoo


20. Palm Tree Ankle Tattoo

This is an ankle tattoo idea for those of us who would just love to take a vacation and lay out on the beach – or for those who live there year round! This is a surprisingly in-depth beach scene, so you can enjoy the scenery wherever you are.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Palm Tree Ankle Tattoo


21. Unicorn Ankle Tattoo

If you love mystical unicorns, this might be your dream ankle tattoo idea. It’s cute and created in lovely signature unicorn colors. This ankle tattoo will also be a daily reminder that you’re just as unique and fabulous as that little unicorn!

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Unicorn Ankle Tattoo


22. Hydrangea Ankle Tattoo

Another floral ankle tattoo, this is a lovely, realistic hydrangea design. The purple and green shades are beautiful and spot on for the flowers; there’s no better way to show a little love for the beautiful flowers.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Hydrangea Ankle Tattoo


23. Gemstone Moon Ankle Tattoo

The texture of the moon in this ankle tattoo is absolutely stunning. The overall design makes for an interesting yet refined tattoo with enamoring colors. The gem adds in some mysticism to the ethereal moon.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Gemstone Moon Ankle Tattoo


24. Animated Fox Ankle Tattoo

This is a beautifully colored tattoo, to begin with; more importantly, the fox is absolutely adorable. If you’re trying to find a cute tattoo that will never fail to make you smile, this animated baby fox is sure to do the trick.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Animated Fox Ankle Tattoo


25. Hydrangea Script Ankle Tattoo

Here is another flower tattoo with a scripted stem, this time with hydrangeas. The word “simple” is featured in this ankle tattoo, and it is especially lovely as the word begins to fade away toward the heel.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Hydrangea Script Ankle Tattoo


26. Cute Font Ankle Tattoo

Sometimes bringing childish aspects into your permanent style is the best idea. This cute tattoo with font reminiscent of grade school is colorful, cheerful, and all-around adorable. It’s a cute ankle tattoo with great meaning and purpose behind it.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Cute Font Ankle Tattoo


27. Flying Fish Ankle Tattoo

This ankle tattoo is really graceful and charming. The colors are nice and simple, and it’s subtle without being too unnoticeable. It’s a sweet design that will look great peeking from under a pair of rolled up boyfriend jeans.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Flying Fish Ankle Tattoo


28. Teeny Elephant Ankle Tattoo

This is one of the most basic and adorable ankle tattoos on this list. It’s a simple outline of a baby elephant, so it won’t take long at all to ink up. Plus, it will look cute with any style, from a dress and heels to cropped pants and canvas shoes.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Elephant Ankle Tattoo


29. Treble Clef Ankle Tattoo

If music is a big part of your life, you’ll love this super sweet ankle tattoo. With graceful sweeps and a curled off end, this design is super easy and will show your love of making music in a trendy and subtle place.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Treble Clef Ankle Tattoo


30. Mini Space Ankle Tattoo

This ankle tattoo is totally out of this world. The miniature space objects are adorable, especially the planet, and it’s super easy to add on to if you decide you want to expand your solar system, with more stars, moons, and planets.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Mini Space Ankle Tattoo


31. Around the World Ankle Tattoo

If you’re a jetsetter or an aspiring world traveler, this is a great small ankle tattoo idea to keep up with the latest trend. The teeny plane circling the globe is an adorable representation of your love of travel.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Around the World Ankle Tattoo


32. Banner Text Ankle Tattoo

If you have a small phrase you keep close to your heart, you might want to consider putting it on a banner, as shown in this lovely ankle tattoo. It’s a cute text frame that knows no age, so put your favorite words inside.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Banner Text Ankle Tattoo


33. Goldfish Ankle Tattoo

This chubby-cheeked goldfish is such a cute ankle tattoo idea. The partial coloring gives the design some easy depth to the look. It’s pretty, and the looseness of the tailfin gives the illusion of flowing motion as well.

34. Lotus Ankle Tattoo

This ankle tattoo uses raw color without framing, so the edges are totally soft. There’s no bold outline around the petals or the stem, so everything runs together like a beautiful watercolor painting, all as a lovely ankle tattoo.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Lotus Ankle Tattoo


35. Camel Ankle Tattoo

This fabulous camel is a great ankle tattoo idea. Between the smiling camel’s posture and the colorful adornments on its body, this ankle tattoo has a bit of good humor in it while being just an overall great image for someone to tattoo.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Camel Ankle Tattoo


36. Pug Ankle Tattoo

This cute pug is adorable, but it’s his red, polka-dot bandana around his neck that makes it such a nice ankle tattoo idea. The detailing of his face is in depth, while the contrasting colors make for an interesting interplay, especially since his body isn’t shaded in.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Pug Ankle Tattoo


37. Watercolor Birds Ankle Tattoo

These birds were beautifully created in watercolor shades suited for a dreamy sunset. This ankle tattoo will add a splash of color to your ankle, so when it pops up above your socks or shoes, it’ll be a lovely surprise.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Watercolor Birds Ankle Tattoo


38. Swallow Ankle Tattoo

Birds are a common go-to tattoo design choice; this detailed swallow, though, makes for an ankle tattoo idea that is extraordinary. It’s a classic drawing of the bird flying translated onto the ankle, so you can carry that iconic image with you always.

39. Lighthouse Diamond Ankle Tattoo

All in a compact diamond, this ankle tattoo gives you an entire lighthouse scene. There’s the lighthouse itself, complete with window detailing and barbershop pole stripes, rolling waves surrounding it, and even the light cutting through the sky.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Lighthouse Diamond Ankle Tattoo


40. Watermelon Ankle Tattoo

This adorable ankle tattoo idea is summer-ready and totally yummy. With this small design inked on your ankle, you’ll be able to remember summer even on the coldest winter days. The design is perfectly finished off with seeds and a bite taken out of it.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Watermelon Ankle Tattoo


41. Jellyfish Ankle Tattoo

These twin jellyfish look cute on their own, but they will look even better with socks and/or shoes on due to the design. The position on the foot will make the jellyfish look like they’re coming right out of the top of your footwear, adding in just a bit of good humor to the designs.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Jellyfish Ankle Tattoo


42. Anchor Ankle Tattoo

This has been such a common trend in recent years, in both everyday fashion and tattoos, so of course it had to make this list. Bring together this trend with the ankle tattoo trend, and you have a cute little design to show off year round.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Anchor Ankle Tattoo


43. Orca Universe Tattoo

Bring the ocean and space together with this cute and interesting ankle tattoo idea. The two killer whales here are circling around a planet, complete with stars in the background. This is another expandable tattoo that can grow if you decide you want more than just a simple ankle tattoo.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Orca Universe Tattoo


44. Ice Cream Anklet Tattoo

This is a more elaborate design, with both the anklet and the charm being tattooed here. The design revolves around making the anklet as realistic as possible to go well with the cute ice cream charm. You can swap out the cone with whatever cute charm idea you have for the perfect ankle tattoo for you!

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Ice Cream Anklet Tattoo


45. Thin Flower Ankle Tattoo

Another simple, thin stem of flowers, these ankle tattoo ideas are just adorable. If you know you want a little something inked up on your ankle and you have a feminine everyday style, a simple floral design like this would be a nice choice for you.

46. Feather Anklet Tattoo

Another detailed anklet tattoo, the one pictured here shows how realistic such tattoos can be at a distance. At a glance, you’d think it was just a trendy anklet – that just means major props for the tattoo artist! Done well, these are the most stunning tattoos.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Feather Anklet Tattoo


47. Needle & Thread Ankle Tattoo

The irony of this ankle tattoo is that you’re using a tattoo needle to ink a picture of a needle onto your ankle. This is a super cute design, especially for those who love to sew. The detailing shown here makes it a stunning ankle tattoo in the end.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Needle & Thread Ankle Tattoo


48. Chubby Bunny Ankle Tattoo

This is another totally adorable animal ankle tattoo idea that will have you smiling every time you look at it. The lack of detailing just makes the rabbit that much cuter, with minimal shading used to add a bit of definition to the cute chubby bunny.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Chubby Bunny Ankle Tattoo


49. Peter Pan Forever Ankle Tattoo

Disney lovers will fall in love with this Peter Pan infinity ankle tattoo idea. Peter and the three Darling children are shown making up half of the infinity sign, flying to Neverland. It’s a deceptively simple ankle tattoo that can really hold a lot of meaning.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Peter Pan Forever Ankle Tattoo


50. World Map Ankle Tattoo

There’s nothing especially striking about this ankle tattoo, which is what makes it so charming. It’s a simple depiction of the world’s continents (minus Antarctica), with no frame or globe shape. It’s just a simple, cute ankle tattoo design at the end of the day.

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: World Map Ankle Tattoo


51. Mickey Mouse Ankle Tattoo

You can’t get more classic than Mickey Mouse. This is a cute idea for ankle tattoos, especially with the detailing as good as it is here, because who doesn’t have some great childhood memories involving this original Disney character? And there’s no better way to end our ankle tattoo idea list than with this iconic figure!

Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Mickey Mouse Ankle Tattoo


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