What’s Up with Kleo Kolor? Reviews, Details, Benefits, & More


Let me share a little story that might sound familiar. There I was again, sitting in a salon chair, glancing at my watch, as minutes turned into hours. I left with a manicure that, though beautiful, wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I felt frustration over the time and expense it took to get it. I’d been exploring at-home mani options, trying every brand, when I discovered Kleo Kolor. As a nail enthusiast turned Kleo Kolor Brand Partner, I’ve found a solution to these all-too-common nail woes. Now, I’m eager to pull back the curtain and show you how Kleo Kolor is revolutionizing the approach to nail care and style, making it a seamless, enjoyable part of nail enthusiasts’ lives.

I’ve experienced firsthand that Kleo Kolor is much more than just a brand with stunning nail products (though that’s a big plus). It’s about embracing a lifestyle of inspiring self-expression, confidence, and fun while finding a solution to nail frustrations, offering a blend of style, convenience, and community to stand by.

In this article, we’ll dive into brand details, benefits, and reviews (mine as well as others) of Kleo Kolor’s products. So, let’s get started and discover why Kleo Kolor is quickly becoming the go-to choice for nail enthusiasts everywhere!

The Community of Kleo Kolor

“Self-expressed and community-obsessed!” – this isn’t just a catchy phrase at Kleo Kolor; it’s the company’s mantra and heartbeat. When I stumbled upon Kleo Kolor, I found a brand that champions innovative beauty solutions and, more importantly, thrives on building a vibrant, supportive community.

I can’t talk about the history of the Kleo Kolor community without mentioning Jana Kennedy, the Senior Vice President of Sales. Her expertise in beauty and social selling has been key in shaping Kleo Kolor’s identity, not just as a brand but as a community that champions self-expression, confidence, and fun. As the Brand Partners have been learning about the brand, she’s assisted us every step of the way while emphasizing that WE are a community, WE are the face of Kleo Kolor, OUR story is the Kleo Kolor story, and together we are shaping Kleo Kolor’s identity.

I’ve always believed that life is about embracing your individuality, daring to be bold, and finding a sense of belonging among like-minded souls. I’ve been able to find this at Kleo Kolor. We connect over more than just beauty products; we share stories, inspire each other, and grow together. This is what makes us more than a brand – we’re a movement where every voice matters, every style is celebrated, and every day is an opportunity to express ourselves and revel in the joy of our community.

Don’t Take Just My Word For It! Let’s Explore Some Reviews

The love for Kleo Kolor is contagious – so watch out! From Brand Partners to satisfied customers, the reviews speak volumes. For example, after receiving my kit, I did all my nieces’ nails – we had a party! It was extraordinary how their confidence grew and they were able to express their personalities through their nail choices – all were very different, and very much THEM.

Another Brand Partner testing the product highlighted that in Kleo Kolor she found a product that, and I quote, “As a busy mom, I love the convenience of skipping the appointments and doing my nails at home. But even more importantly, as a lover of all things beauty…these are GORGEOUS! Instant pretty right in my hands – literally!”

And here is another one: “Getting my nails done is therapeutic and a necessity for me! It’s a way I can be bold and express myself. However, my monthly salon visit costs began adding up very quickly, along with the time spent away from my little girl – I quickly began to realize that I couldn’t afford to keep up this momentum but didn’t want to lose my “nail therapy,” for lack of a better term. When a Brand Partner from Kleo Kolor reached out to me about joining the brand it seemed like the perfect fit. It is the solution I was looking for and I can’t wait to share it with others!”

Now that we’ve heard from a couple of other people, let’s dive into the product details and see what exactly it is that is making this impact in nail enthusiasts’ lives- so keep reading my friend!

Kleo Kolor’s Innovative Nail Products

As someone who’s tried every nail product under the sun, I can honestly say Kleo Kolor’s offerings are a game-changer. Kleo Kolor provides three main products: LED Gel Strip, Press-On Gel Nail, and Gel Strip. Each one is fabulous but they have areas where they shine.

Quick note: when I say “prepping your nails” I mean: wash and dry your hands completely. Wipe your nails with the prep pad (alcohol wipe), file your nails, and push back your cuticles. Now that’s out of the way, let’s start talking nail products and how to apply them!

Photo credit: Dani P.

1.    LED Gel Strip: No Mess & Easy Application

The LED Gel Strip was a game-changer for me. Imagine getting that perfect, salon-quality gel manicure without stepping out of your home! Its ease of application and stunning designs had me at hello!

How to Achieve a Perfect LED Gel Strip Manicure

Applying the LED Gel Strip is like a fun DIY project with fabulous results. Start by prepping your nails. Selecting the right size strip for each nail. After applying, pressing, and smoothing the strips to your nails, clip them to be flush with your natural nails, and then use the LED lamp to cure the strips. File nails to shape, and voilà – a perfect manicure in minutes!

My tip: do one hand to completion at a time. Trust me on this one – the nail strips are pretty long to fit any length of nail and it’s easier if they are cured and filed down to your desired size before doing the next hand.

Reviews and Raves

Users are raving about the LED Gel Strip. From its long-lasting wear to the variety of designs, it’s a hit!

Here is one review: “I have had such an amazing experience so far! I tried the LED Gel Strips and they were so simple! I cleaned up a spilled drink from my child in the middle of applying them and they still turned out perfect. These nails look better than some applications I have had done at a salon. No smell! No mess! Fast! Simple! BEAUTIFUL!!! I’m on Day 5 and they still look like they did on Day 1! Some other nails will fade, chip and show wear, but these are still perfect and vibrant. EVERYONE needs to try Kleo nails!”

Still don’t believe me? See this photo and how they look after days of wear:

Photo credit: Dani P.

2.    Mastering Press-On Gel Nails: Instant Glam in Minutes

For those who love instant glamor, length, or changing nail styles more frequently then Press-On Gels are the nails for you! They offer a snug fit and a shiny, chip-resistant finish, perfect for any occasion.

Quick and Easy Application

Applying Press-On Gel Nails is straightforward. After prepping your nails and picking the best-sized nails, simply remove the plastic tab over the adhesive, align, press, and done. The result? Instantly glamorous nails that look professionally done.

My tip: I have three here. First, when pressing push down firmly (the harder the better) and hold, make sure that you press from the center of the nail out towards the edges. Second, try not to touch water for 2 hours (your nails will last longer). Third, remember to gently press down on the top of the nails from time to time over the next 48 hours. The adhesive in the product is pressure-sensitive, meaning the more you press, the better it adheres. This innovative technology ensures that the bond continues to strengthen and becomes more secure during this initial period.

Real-Life Transformation

The transformation stories are incredible. Users have shared how Press-On Gel Nails have elevated their look, providing a confidence boost with minimal effort. I find that I’m bolder in my nail choices, cause if it’s too bold, they’re easy to take off without damaging my nails, and quick to put on a new set!”

Another user stated, “I have fallen in love with Kleo Kolor Press-On Gel Nails. As a busy mom, I love the convenience of skipping the appointments and doing my nails at home. But even more importantly, as a lover of all things beauty… these are GORGEOUS! Instant pretty right in my hands – literally!”

3.    Gel Strip: Fast, Foolproof, and Fabulous

Gel Strips are all about convenience without compromising on quality. They’re easy to apply, offering a shiny, smooth finish and, the best part, without multiple layers of polish needed.

The Art of Applying Gel Strips

Applying Gel Strips is my therapy! Start by prepping your nails and selecting the right size. Using light pressure, smooth strips over your nails, stretch over the end of your nails, pinch the excess, and file away! It’s that simple, yet the results are stunning.

My tip: The excess should be filed away in one direction.

The feedback on Gel Strips has been overwhelmingly positive. Users love the time-saving aspect and the versatility of the designs available. I’ve loved it for all these reasons as well, but mostly I’ve loved the durability lasting up to 14 days! Quick and I get to keep them for two weeks – like the sound of that?

More Than Just Nails: The Kleo Kolor Lifestyle

Being part of Kleo Kolor is about embracing a lifestyle of confidence and self-expression. The brand fosters a sense of community, where everyone supports and uplifts each other.

The Brand Partner Opportunity

As a Brand Partner, the opportunities are endless. We are the face of the company, sharing the products, and are rewarded for sharing something that we love! Let me just say that it goes beyond just selling beauty products. But the Kleo Kolor Opportunity doesn’t stop there.

Apart from being a Brand Partner, there are other exciting ways to get involved. You can join as an Affiliate, where you can share your favorite Kleo Kolor products and earn commissions through your personal website. Additionally, for those with a strong social media presence, the Influencer program, available by invitation only, could be an ideal fit. Each role, whether as a Brand Partner, Affiliate, or Influencer, brings its unique opportunities and experiences, showcasing Kleo Kolor as a brand with diverse and inclusive ways to be part of something truly special.

Inspiring and Empowering Others

One of the most fulfilling aspects of being a Brand Partner is the chance to inspire and empower others through the program. Getting a mani means something slightly different for everyone, for one it’s a continuation of a memory they experienced with a loved one, and for another, it’s the final touch for being “put together.” But no matter the reason why getting a mani is a way to make a statement and Kleo Kolor makes that possible at home and affordably.

Final Thoughts

As I stated at the beginning, Kleo Kolor is more than just a beauty brand; it’s a community-driven movement that champions self-expression and innovation. From its high-quality, easy-to-use products to its empowering Brand Partner program, Kleo Kolor is setting new standards in the beauty industry. If you’re looking to be part of something special, to express yourself boldly, and to join a community that celebrates every win, Kleo Kolor is the place for you. Join the Kleo Kolor Brand today and start your journey and inspire others towards self-expression, confidence, and fun! Well, that’s all I have to say about Kleo Kolor…at least for now!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.