Exploring the Advantages of Choosing a Black Tuxedo


Traditionally, black tie events are formal affairs that require attendees to wear a tuxedo. The only exception is if the invitation states “black tie optional” or something similar.

It’s Comfortable

Whether renting or buying, a black tuxedo is an investment in your style. It’s a timeless classic and helps you stand out among the herds of people wearing the same outfit. Renting is cheaper, but buying one of your own makes more sense if you attend black tie events regularly, especially since leasing fees add up quickly. Consider a black notch lapel tuxedo for an elegant look perfect for any occasion. It has clean lines, a smooth texture, flat-front pants, and a hidden flex waistband that offers the ultimate comfortability. Alternatively, you can try a modern, rounded shawl lapel. These are a sleek style for formal attire and are often worn on dinner jackets. Pair with a classic white dress shirt (reserve wing collars for black-tie occasions), bow tie, and cufflinks to complete your look. Then, finish off the outfit with a black patent leather oxford shoe.

It’s Versatile

When worn correctly, a black tuxedo makes men look sharp and elegant. Unfortunately, the black tie dress code is often misunderstood, making some men look more like Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber than Bond. This is mainly due to high school proms encouraging men to overdo their outfits with accessories that make them look less formal than necessary. While black is the most common tux color, various options are available for men who want to dress up. For instance, some tuxedo styles feature satin lapels, while others have a more matte, velvet feel. Also, a man’s choice of fabric significantly impacts his tuxedo look. Buying or renting a tuxedo depends on a man’s circumstances and how frequently he attends formal events. For those who only wear their tuxedo occasionally, renting is a good option as it will save them money on the cost of storage and maintenance. However, buying is the best option for those who plan to wear their tuxedos regularly.

It’s Affordable

For men who don’t have the budget for a bespoke or designer tuxedo, owning your black tuxedo is affordable. While there is a little wiggle room in what types of formal attire you can wear, tuxedos are the safest bet for most men who want to look good and feel confident in their choice of clothing. If you want to look sharp and elegant at your next black tie affair, there’s no better choice than a black tuxedo. But be careful—many faux pas result from misunderstood dress codes, and you don’t want to look more like Lloyd and Harry in Dumb and Dumber than 007 at your special event. Save the wing collars and slouchy pants for white-tie affairs. 

In black-tie affairs, wearing a cummerbund with tuxedo showcases a keen eye for detail. It pays homage to a time-honored tradition, embodying a sense of refinement and elegance that transcends fleeting trends.

It’s Flexible

When you see “Black Tie” on an invitation, your wardrobe may seem intimidating—but it’s one of the most versatile dress codes. With a little bit of research, you’ll find many options to choose from, whether you’re buying or renting. While black tie is often misunderstood, there’s a lot to like about the style. The classic black tuxedo pairs well with a white bow tie, and you can play around with other accessories to create a different look for each event. The jacket’s lapel shape is up to you, but we recommend a classic peak-lapel style for a timeless, refined look. The cuffs can be square, angled, or French, although the traditional choice is double cuffs. You can even engrave your cufflinks for an added personal touch. A plain white pocket square, preferably in silk, is also standard, but you can experiment with different folds to add personality.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.