What Are The Benefits of Using a Facial Toner Morning and Night?  


Your skin goes through a lot every day of your life — if it is not the sun coming at you at any point, it is life’s stress throwing a curveball breakout here or there. Luckily, there are beauty products to help you cope with your skin, from serums and moisturizers to cleansers and facials. But today, we’re focusing on toner and the benefits of using it in the morning and at night.  

What Is a Toner?

Skin toner, or simply toner, is one of the best selling beauty products. It takes the form of a lotion, tonic, or sometimes, even a gel. It is applied after you have washed your face and works to reduce pores. Furthermore, it protects, moisturizes, and refreshes your skin, too.  

What Does Toner Do?

In short, a lot. But in reality, also a lot. Toner is the backup to your cleanser, as it removes any build-up or dirt your cleanser does not catch. When used regularly, toner can positively impact your skin — especially if you have areas of concern. One thing people rarely know about this product is that it restores your skin’s pH balance. And we all know how important that is. It also smoothes and refines any rough patches on your skin, leaving you looking great.  

Who Should Use It?

Well, everyone! The trick is to find one that works for your skin type. However, everyone is encouraged to incorporate a toner into their skincare rituals. If you have oily skin or are used to breakouts, look for a toner containing salicylic acid, and preferably something alcohol-free. The idea is to keep that oil under control so it does not control you. For those with combination skin, it is all about balance. You need to find a toner that contains balancing formulas and hydrating ingredients. For those with dry skin, naturally, you will opt for something that has hydrating properties — think aloe vera, glycerin, and even rose water. 


The Benefits

Look, as with any other skincare product, you only see results after at least three months of use. It is premature to try a product for only a week and discard it because you have not seen results. While this is the case for most products, a few products show visible results much faster than others. Case in point: toner. We’ve highlighted its benefits below:

It Tones Your Face

It is all in the name. It also works hard to tighten your pores. And you know those annoying pores need to be kept in check occasionally. It also closes your pores, which helps people who suffer from regular breakouts. And lastly, its exfoliation properties mean that old skin is removed from the top layer of your skin, leaving you looking fabulous. 

It Rejuvenates Your Skin

If your skin is dull, toner will give it the boost it needs to improve. It helps your face return just enough moisture to your skin so that the pH levels are normal. This particular function of the toner is excellent for those with oily skin because it removes excess oil. 

It Reduces Breakouts

It removes any dirt and oil the cleanser might have missed, and that would clog your pores. 

It Can Help With Fine Lines

Yes, you read it here first. The product also tightens your skin and pores. This provides a lovely glow and reduces fine lines.  

When Should You Use It?

Toner is perfect for use both morning and night. Once you have washed your face, the next stop is the toner application. Toner prepares your skin for moisturizer. And adds that extra layer of literal skincare. For the morning, the benefits include hydration, freshness, and overall radiance. And at night, it is simply about protecting your skin. Remember, you have to use the toner according to your skin type. In most cases, you will use a toner twice a day. But if you have dry skin, you should only use it around twice a week. 

How To Apply Toner

After you have washed your face and patted it dry gently, you’re ready for the next step: toner. Grab a piece of cotton wool — this can be cotton wool balls or cotton pads. Then, add a few drops to the cotton wool. Next, gently rub into your skin, starting from your forehead and working your way down to your neck. Remember, circular motions! You might see that the cotton pad has some dirt on it when you’re finished — which again proves why toner is so important. It catches any build-up the cleanser might have missed.  


Wrap Up

You can’t quantify the benefits of using a toner in the morning and at night. It’s a necessary addition to your skincare because it balances your skin and restores your skin’s natural pH, which is vital if you want great-looking skin. It also ensures your pores are unclogged so you can forget about breakouts. Lastly, it catches anything the cleanser missed, removing excess oils or dirt from your face. Toning day and night is simply a must for the ultimate skincare routine.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.