Knitwear patterns and how to style them in the summer


When you think of knitwear, cozy sweaters and warm scarves probably come to mind, making it seem like an unlikely choice for the summer months. However, knitwear is not limited to just fall and winter fashion. With the right patterns and styling techniques, you can incorporate knits into your summer wardrobe to create stylish and comfortable outfits that are perfect for the warmer weather. Let’s explore some delightful knitwear patterns and discover how to effortlessly style them during the summer season.

Lace knits

Openwork and lace knit patterns are a breath of fresh air during the summer months. These delicate designs create a light and airy texture that allows your skin to breathe. Look for knit sweaters, cardigans, or dresses as these from Shamrockgift with intricate lace detailing. Pair an openwork knit tank with high-waisted shorts for a casual daytime look or throw a lace-knit cardigan over a sundress for an elegant touch.

Striped knits

Stripes and chevron patterns bring a playful and dynamic element to knitwear. Opt for lightweight knit pieces with bold, colorful stripes or subtle chevron motifs. A striped knit maxi dress can make a statement on its own, while a chevron knit sweater can be layered over a simple tank top and paired with shorts for a fun and trendy outfit.


You can go for mesh knit patterns that offer a blend of texture and ventilation, making them ideal for staying cool in the summer heat. Seek out knit tops or skirts with eyelet details or mesh panels. A mesh knit crop top worn over a bikini or paired with a high-waisted skirt creates a chic beach-to-street look, while an eyelet knit skirt can be dressed up with a blouse for a garden party or brunch.

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Tropical and floral knits

Embrace the spirit of summer with tropical and floral-inspired knit patterns. These designs capture the essence of the season and add a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe. Look for knit tops, cardigans, or even shorts adorned with palm leaves, hibiscus flowers, or other tropical motifs. A floral knit sundress combined with espadrilles and a sun hat embodies the essence of summer style.


Nautical themes are synonymous  with summer, and knitwear can embrace this maritime charm too. Seek out knit pieces with anchor, sailor stripe, or seashell patterns. A sailor-stripe knit top paired with white denim shorts and boat shoes effortlessly captures the coastal vibe, making it perfect for seaside outings.

Ombre and gradients

Ombre and gradient knit patterns create a visually captivating effect that adds depth and dimension to your outfit. Look for knitwear that transitions from one color to another, creating a subtle or dramatic gradient. A lightweight ombre knit poncho can be thrown over a swimsuit for a day  at the beach or layered over a tank top and jeans.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.