7 Ways to Make You More Attractive to Your Wife


It’s a given that not all men come into the world with an innate allure or captivating personality that others might naturally have. Yet, this doesn’t mean you should abandon the pursuit of becoming appealing simply because you lack the inherent physical traits or looks. Alternate methods exist to cultivate attractiveness that could give you an advantage over those naturally bestowed with it. Here are some strategies on how to enhance your appeal as a man:

1. Possess an Excellent Sense of Humor

To stand out from the crowd and keep your partner enthralled, master the art of humor. In times of stress, a well-timed joke is just the refresher your partner needs. Don’t worry if you’re not born with a knack for comedy; it’s a skill that can be learned. Discovering what tickles your partner’s funny bone can be a delightful adventure. After all, possessing a good sense of humor is an irresistible charm every man should embrace.

2. Turn Her On Without Expecting Sex

Keeping the spark alive in a long-term relationship requires breaking free from sexual routines and embracing unpredictability. Rather than only seeking pleasure in return, learn to turn your wife on without expecting sex. 

Try giving her a sensual neck rub. Playfully tickle her on the couch, or even surprise her with a gentle spanking. Take moments to lock eyes, express your love, and make her feel like the sexiest woman in the world. The key is to simply enjoy the process without pressuring her for sex. By cultivating excitement and creating an atmosphere of anticipation, you’ll both feel a renewed sense of both passion and desire. 

3. Be the Man She Can Always Look Up to and Respect

Be the man she admires and respects, and watch your attractiveness to your wife skyrocket. To achieve this, you need to embrace an active role in navigating life’s challenges. Cultivate patience and an open-minded perspective rather than being naïve and expecting perfection.

Many men make the mistake of depending on their wives solely for emotional support and guidance. While having vulnerable moments under pressure is alright, women crave men who tackle problems head-on, focusing on solutions rather than dwelling in emotions.

As men, we must embrace clarity, directness, respect, and forward momentum. While it’s natural to experience emotions, we must move forward confidently to be the masculine figure women look up to and admire. Emotional cycles and lack of direction may lead to losing respect from our partners.

We can maintain our women’s love, respect, and attraction by being emotionally stable, focused, and solution-oriented. If we fail to cultivate these qualities, we risk our wives falling out of love with us over time.

4. Get Fired Up About Fresh, Shared Objectives

Ignite the flame of shared aspirations as a way to enhance your allure to your spouse. In a committed, long-term relationship or marriage, most couples join forces to reach shared goals that bring mutual benefit and joy over the years.

During the honeymoon phase, many partners might strive towards objectives like purchasing a house, having children, and creating memorable moments with their extended family through events like birthday parties or family gatherings.

However, once these significant milestones are reached, either partner might start to feel a sense of restlessness or a lack of purpose in the relationship. It’s crucial to ensure you and your wife have big goals to aim for that are fulfilling for both of you. If only one of you has long-term goals while the other is left adrift, it could spell trouble for your marriage.

5. Make Her Feel Feminine

Just like a battery needs positive and negative charges, human attraction requires a mix of these energies. Too much neutrality can extinguish the spark of excitement in a relationship. A common mistake some husbands make is treating their wives more like neutral friends than feminine women. This can suppress the woman’s natural femininity, dimming the romantic love she feels for her husband. This doesn’t mean she stops loving him altogether. She might still love him as a friend and companion. However, the deep, passionate love that was there in the early days might fade away.

Making her feel feminine means allowing her to be emotional without judgment. Create a space where she doesn’t have to act or behave like a man. If you’re dealing with issues related to sexual health, solutions like getting Sildenafil over the counter are available. Take steps to maintain a healthy, passionate relationship.

6. Be Optimistic and Confident

Embracing your true self with confidence is step one in becoming more attractive to your wife. Own your identity with pride and assurance. Discover hobbies and passions that fuel your self-belief. Let them be the driving force behind your glowing confidence. They’re not just activities, they’re stepping stones to a more appealing you.

Face challenging tasks head-on. Don’t retreat when challenges seem insurmountable. Your determination and optimism in these situations will make you irresistibly attractive. Recite affirmations regularly. They’re not just words, they’re powerful confidence boosters. Repeating them will enhance your self-esteem and make you more captivating to your wife.

7. Be Spontaneous

Nothing breathes new life into a marriage like unpredictability. Surprise your spouse with a unique dining experience. Try on a color you’ve never worn. Step out of your comfort zone and take a calculated risk with your partner. This throwback to the early days of love might reignite that initial spark. After all, spontaneity often means fresh and exciting.

End Note

Take some time for yourself and think about what it is that makes you attractive to your wife. Implement one or more of these seven steps this week and put the spark back into your relationship today. Show her you appreciate her with a thoughtful compliment, share a meaningful story about your life, go on a deep dive about her passions, find time to talk, give genuine hugs and kisses, listen fully without interruption and have fun together. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.