8 Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism


Your metabolism is the intricate network of chemical processes in your body that converts food into energy. A fast metabolism means your body efficiently burns calories, even at rest. It’s also instrumental in supporting optimal weight management, preventing weight gain, and providing the energy necessary to tackle your daily activities.

While genetics play a role in determining your metabolic rate, adopting certain habits can have a positive impact and help give it a boost. This article offers effective and practical strategies to accelerate your metabolism and attain your health and fitness objectives.  

1. Eat Enough Calories

A common error many people make when attempting to shed pounds is drastically downsizing their calorie intake. While creating a calorie deficit is necessary for weight loss, excessively reducing your calories can actually slow down your metabolism. When your body doesn’t receive adequate calories, it enters a state known as ‘starvation mode’ and decreases your metabolic rate to conserve energy. To prevent this, ensure you consume enough calories to meet your body’s requirements and support a healthy metabolism.

2. Include Metabolism-Boosting Foods in Your Diet

Certain foods can give your metabolism an extra kick and adding them into your diet can boost calorie burn and facilitate weight loss. Some examples include spicy foods like chili peppers containing capsaicin that temporarily speeds up your metabolism, and green tea containing catechins that can enhance fat oxidation.

Additionally, you may consider taking supplements to further boost your metabolism. Supplements like ox bile, derived from the bile of oxen and containing bile acids, have been suggested to potentially boost metabolism and aid in weight management. Among the ox bile benefits is that it helps speed up fat digestion and vitamin absorption, which are all important in speeding up your metabolism. However, do note that further research is needed to fully understand its effectiveness and safety.  

Overall, incorporating these metabolism-boosting foods, including exploring the potential benefits of ox bile, into your diet can contribute to optimizing your metabolic rate and promoting a healthy weight.

3. Include Protein In Your Diet

Protein plays a crucial role in boosting your metabolism. It requires more energy to digest protein compared to carbohydrates or fats, leading to a higher metabolic rate. Furthermore, protein helps build and maintain muscle mass, promoting a healthier metabolism. So, include lean sources of protein, such as chicken, turkey, fish, tofu, beans, and Greek yogurt, in your meals and snacks.


4. Stay Active And Engage In Regular Exercise

Regular physical activity is crucial for boosting your metabolism. Engaging in exercise not only burns calories but also increases your metabolic rate in the hours following your workout. Aim for a combination of cardiovascular exercises, such as brisk walking, jogging, or cycling, and strength training exercises, like weightlifting or bodyweight exercises.

During your exercise sessions, consider the inclusion of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT entails engaging in brief, intense bursts of exercise followed by short recovery periods. This form of training has been demonstrated to substantially elevate metabolic rate and enhance fat burning. 

Incorporating HIIT workouts, such as sprint intervals, jumping jacks, or burpees, into your fitness regimen can effectively boost your metabolism and yield optimal outcomes within a shorter timeframe.

5. Drink Up And Stay Hydrated

Sufficient hydration is essential for maintaining a healthy and fast metabolism. Even mild dehydration can interfere with your metabolic rate. That’s because water is crucial in facilitating numerous chemical reactions within your body. Staying hydrated can keep your metabolism running smoothly and help your body burn more calories. If you find plain water boring, infuse it with fruits or herbs for added flavor.

6. Don’t Neglect Breakfast 

A well-rounded morning meal is pivotal in jumpstarting your metabolism, stabilizing blood sugar levels, and preventing overeating later on. So, prepare a breakfast ensemble that combines protein, whole grains, and vibrant fruits or vegetables. You can pair a veggie omelet alongside whole grain toast or relish Greek yogurt. You can also add a medley of succulent berries and a sprinkle of granola. Embrace the power of a balanced breakfast to awaken your metabolism and set the stage for a productive day.


7. Get Sufficient Sleep

Insufficient sleep can disrupt hormone levels, resulting in heightened appetite and decreased metabolic rate. Thus, striving for a consistent duration of 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night is advisable to promote optimal metabolic function. Prioritizing ample and restful sleep is key to supporting a well-functioning metabolism and overall well-being.

8. Manage Stress Levels

Chronic stress is among the many things that can slow down your metabolism. When you’re under stress, your body unleashes cortisol, a hormone that can decrease your metabolic rate and contribute to fat storage. Thus, it’s essential to find healthy methods for managing stress, such as doing yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises, or pursuing hobbies that foster relaxation and unwinding. Remember, nurturing your mental well-being plays a significant role in positively influencing your metabolism and overall health.  

Wrap Up

Boosting your metabolism is not only beneficial for weight management but also for overall health and well-being. By incorporating regular exercise, strength training, a balanced diet, and other healthy lifestyle habits, you can effectively rev up your metabolism and enjoy increased energy levels. Remember, these changes take time and consistency, so be patient and stay committed to a healthier lifestyle.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.