Set Ready for Cosmoprof Bologna 2023: A Preview of Trendy Innovations


Beauty Sourcing will attend Cosmoprof Bologna 2023 with hundreds of beauty items—here is a preview!  

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is one of the most influential B2B beauty events across the globe. Every year, it gathers beauty trendsetters, professionals, and breakthrough products from all corners of the world. 

This edition, opening on March 16, 2023, comes soon after China relaxed its Covid restrictions. Chinese suppliers are eager to take this opportunity to have in-depth exchanges with professionals, discuss industry trends, and share innovation results. To this end, Beauty Sourcing brings together nearly one hundred Chinese companies through its innovative O2O marketing mode. During the opening days, over 400 pieces of quality products will meet global buyers! 

Exhibits at A Glance

The items on display come from the following categories:

  • Packaging and Printing
  • Haircare 
  • Hair Extension and Wigs 
  • Perfumery Cosmetics and Toiletries 
  • Professional Beauty Salon, Spa & Aesthetic 
  • Eyelashes and Tools 
  • Nail 
  • Make-up tools and Machinery 

They cover all areas of the three shows of the event:  

  • Cosmopack 
  • Cosmo Perfumery & Cosmetics 
  • Cosmo Hair, Nail, & Beauty Salon

So let’s get a first glimpse of some big trends and the best beauty products for 2023: 

No. 1 Packaging—Sustainability Remains the Core Theme   

Packaging dominates our exhibits. For greater sustainability, manufacturers typically draw inspiration from recyclable materials and refills. 

  • Recyclable Materials 

ABS/AS comes from the recyclable family and is widely used for cosmetic packaging. It features safety, recyclability, lightweight, design flexibility, low costs, and high chemical resistance. 

Sambound launches a new empty brush case made of ABS/AS plastics. The package allows for multiple color and finish options on its smooth texture. The case shows superior aesthesis while reducing plastic waste piled in dumps. 

  • Paper/Cardboard 

Paper is another source of greener packaging solutions. New Colorich Packaging announced its custom-printed paper eyeshadow palette. The package boasts many valuable characteristics—safe, waterproof, oil-proof, heat-resistant, leakage-proof, recyclable, and renewable.  

Many finishes and printing techniques are available for you to choose. It can be designed into pure aesthetic artwork or with meaningful graphics that could evoke some ideas to reflect your values.

  • Refillable Containers

Refillable storage becomes a perfect alternative where in-store refills are not accessible. 

Yicai Plastics released an airless pump refillable jar. With a vacuum pressure pump, this jar avoids air exposure and extends the shelf life. Meanwhile, it ensures the precise dosage and minimizes waste. After it is empty, the cap and outer tank are reusable with the new insert. 

Turning to refills does not mean you have to compromise on personalization. A variety of printing and decoration options are available! 

No. 2 Haircare—Enjoying A Spa-like Blowout at Home Is A Wonderful Thing

After experiencing a pandemic, people may face all kinds of hair problems. Beauty experts predict that repair, protection, and growth will lead the 2023 haircare trends. Hair dryers, as haircare essentials, integrate multiple functions and create a spa-like feeling. Consumers could enjoy a spa-level blowout at home! Here’s a sneak peek at innovations: 

Fire Phoenix rolled out a compact foldable hair dryer. In addition to basic configuration – speed & heat setting, and concentrator/diffuser, it also brings aromatherapeutic benefits. The dryer will emit a sweet scent when it works. Users are sure to have a luxurious multi-sensory experience. 

Moreover, the overheating protection prevents hair and skin from being damaged. The ion function helps to reduce static electricity by emitting negative ions. So hair will be easier to comb. Its cool shot function enables users to fix their hairstyle and get a perfect result! 

Yours will make its debut at the Cosmoprof Bologna 2023 with its new arrival—the empole hammer hair dryer. Colored in glamour purple, it looks luxury and high-end. With an inner 1800W high-rotating motor and aerodynamic noise reduction design, it generates large air volume but less noise. Intelligent constant temperature control design keeps the temperature stable at about 57℃, giving hair and scalp more gentle care. 

No. 3 Nail Polish—Peel off Safely or Have A Chrome Gloss 

Nail polishes are popular among girls and women. They are long-lasting and increase the charm and grace of nails. But how to remove it properly and safely become a problem for beauty lovers. The optimal way is to go to a salon. However, visiting a salon regularly may require time and money. Normal nail removers may peel off layers from your nail plate, to make nails weaker, thinner, and more brittle. So at-home removal gels with safe ingredients and effects will become big in 2023. 

Bozhilin releases a magical remover gel without any unpleasant odor or wire drawing. It acts fast and only takes 2-5 minutes to peel off your nail polish. Importantly, it never irritates your skin or nails! 

For nail polish, the chrome trend is expected to carry through 2023. Chrome over opaque or transparent base shades creates a healthy and glossy finish. Chrome powders perfectly suit all colors, and make your nails sparkle with a dazzling sheen.   

Bozlin’s 6 colors of air cushion magic pen could satisfy your desire for the trend. Its mirror-effect chrome powders have a higher gloss than traditional ones. Its application doesn’t require special manicure skills. The soft sponge stick is easy to apply with no flying powders or wastes. 

Moreover, it is safe as it is organic without any smell or toxin. No shrinkage or break will appear after being applied! You can put them in your bags and use them anywhere— no worry about spills.  

No. 4 Professional Beauty—Multiple Beauty Techs Join Noninvasive Treatment  

In 2023, experts expect more beauty tech embraced in skincare, wellness, and makeup. Noninvasive treatment with medical-grade effects but minimum pains will carry into 2023. Along with more advancements in beauty tech, we are sure to have more beauty options. 

A new fashion ultrasonic facial skin scrubber from Hongwang Nicemay will make its debut in the upcoming event. Ultrasonic high-frequency vibration design thoroughly cleanses the skin. Ion+ helps remove blackheads, whiteheads, or dead skin to brighten your skin. Ion- facilitates nutrient absorption. EMS function massages your skin to make it tight and elastic. It is portable and allows you to enjoy a facial spa anywhere! 

Its multifunctional LED photon therapy mask will meet you soon at the event. The device has 3 modes—blue, light, and infrared light—to deliver different therapeutic effects. Blue light promotes cell blood circulation; red light boosts skin metabolisms; infrared light helps to remove wrinkles and repair damaged skin.    

Designed in 1:1 proportion of the human face, it wears comfortable and perfectly matches face contour. Using silicone materials in the eye part, protect your eye skin!

Here’s only a preview of part of our innovative highlights. For more stylish and trend-setting products at the show, please visit

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.