A Guide to Finding the Perfect Outfit for all of Your Holiday Parties


As the holiday season comes, the question of what to wear to various holiday parties becomes the main concern for many women. 

Skip the extra stress with a handy guide to simplifying your holiday wardrobe. 

Invest in a staple holiday dress

While it’s tempting to go all-out on something sparkly, an essential shift or tunic dress offers much more versatility for adding gorgeous accessories like colorful tights, statement jewelry, and luxurious outerwear. 

The Tunic Tank, Emma Satin, and Aspen Shapewear from SheBird are perfect examples of must-have holiday outfit staples that look fabulous dressed up or down and are suitable for all your holiday gatherings. 

Double-check the dress code

There’s nothing that takes the holly jolly out of the holiday season quite like feeling underdressed at formal festivities. 

Before you pull out your tackiest Tennebaum-adorned sweater, check your invitation for information on the dress code or get in touch with other attendees to find out what they’re planning to wear. 

If those tactics don’t pan out, remember that it’s always safer to dress up than dress down. You can’t go wrong with a dress, heels, and a bit of subtle sparkle around your neck. 

Expand your winter color palette

Red and green are classic holiday colors, but they’re not the only hues that should appear in your wintertime wardrobe. 

Sophisticated black pieces transcend seasonality and can easily pair with bolder pieces like fur coats or stunning crimson heels. 

Frosty white might be taboo after Labor Day, but this fashion rule is made to be broken once the temperature drops. Rock a head-to-toe blanc ensemble, or go cozy with a chunky sweater over white skinnies. 

Last but certainly not least, don’t overlook moody blues. Mix things up with a velvet dress in navy, or show off your inner ice queen with a cerulean mini handbag.

Don’t forget the hair accessories

There’s no time of year better for breaking out oversized bows and jewel-studded headbands than the holiday season. Not only do hair accessories add an instant dose of timeless glamor, but they can also help keep winter frizz under control when you want to skip heat styling. 

Something as simple as a sparkly jaw clip or colorful barrette takes a slicked-back ponytail from “Bah-humbug” to merry and bright. 

Comfort comes first

It sounds a bit cliche, but you’re truly never dressed without a smile. Even when holiday stress has you feeling haggard, the simple act of cracking a grin can give you an instant mood boost

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find your holiday spirit when your toes are pinched or your sweater itches while you’re trying to merrymake and mingle. 

You should feel as good as you look, and sometimes that means skipping the heels in favor of a fabulous pair of flats or slipping into your comfiest pair of leggings under your little black dress.  

Before you go

Embrace your inner fashionista with cute, comfortable seasonal attire designed for every occasion, from professional office parties to casual family get-togethers. 

By investing in high-quality staples like versatile dresses in classic shades, you can let your head-turning holiday accessories shine.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.