Top 5 Jobs You Can Apply To As A Beauty School Graduate


We often go to professionals when we have beauty problems such as acne, hair frizziness, dark underarms, and many more. This article is for you if you plan to attend a beauty school because your skills suit this career. There are many beauty schools worldwide, and one of the most prestigious is this beauty school in San Antonio, located in Texas.

Many graduates from that city now have successful jobs in this field. This is a wild field with different courses you can take, don’t be pressured and take your time because you need to be sure to be successful in this career. Beauty schools help you develop your skills to be an entrepreneur of your business someday or to help you gain a job; being part of the beauty school community will enhance your provided skills such as your makeup skills, facial care skill, and many more. This article will tackle the top five jobs you can take after graduating from a beauty school so that you can stop doubting and start planning for your future!

1. Hairdresser

If you have the skills to care for your hair or someone close to you, this job suits you! Being a Hairdresser means you are responsible for styling, cutting, and reaching the standard of your customer. You’re the one to initiate their desired haircuts, hairstyle, hair color, hair treatment, and other choices they want to make. Customers love a Hairdresser that is accommodating and gives advice to them because you’re the professional one, and they know that you have the proper knowledge of this type of problem. Always tell them the right advice; who knows, maybe they’ll become your regular customer.

2. Manicurist or Pedicurist

If you’re a fan of nail arts or love to clean your fingers, this job will suit you! One of the typical jobs we find anywhere is Manicurist or Pedicurist; mastering these two will benefit you to have more money on payday. Most salons around the World offer this service to their customers. In Foreign countries such as the USA, many teens are fans of having their nails then and have designs on them. Sometimes when the customer is satisfied with your work, they mostly give tips, which is very helpful, especially if you need money. Try and Master these jobs because this is one of the jobs that are common and in demand in the World of beauty.

3. Make-up Artist

This is a job that requires skill in being creative and stable. Being a makeup artist is a delicate job if you have an excellent imagination for different styles that you want to do for your clients. In doing your clients’ makeup, make sure that it is suitable for the occasion! Don’t experiment with their faces unless they give you permission to do whatever you want to their makeup. Satisfy your clients and make them comfortable so they won’t doubt your skills. This is an essential and competitive job because many people know how to use makeup in this industry; you need to be intelligent, confident, and imaginative to make a beautiful masterpiece and make your customer happy.

4. Massage therapist

If you’re a person who loves to massage one another or you have blessed hands, try this job! Being a massage therapist means being gentle yet creating a fulfilling experience for your client. Many people go for a massage, especially if they have a body ache or just want to rest and pamper themselves. This job follows the bare minimum payment, but it is enough to pay for your necessities at home. This is perfect for someone that loves to please other people with their soft hands and making sure that their body ache will be over and they will be comfortable again. This job also receives tips, especially if you’re good at what you’re doing and the customer is satisfied!

5. Salon owner

This is for someone who wants to become an entrepreneur but wants to stay in the beauty industry. Being part of the beauty industry means business, too; to be successful, you need to aim high. It might take a while before customers notice your salon, but patience is a virtue; your time will eventually come. Explore this industry before hopping into this type of job because many challenging problems will form a line ahead of you. The beauty schools will teach you the basic knowledge on how to run your own business. Pay attention to this lecture because you might use it in this type of career you’re trying to build.


Attending a beauty school will make you a competitive person because becoming part of this school means you need to compete with others in regards to being creative and intelligent. Let this motivate you to fight on and head toward your dream job. It is a long ride ahead of you, but it also takes time to be successful. Always trust yourself in this field and let your self-esteem get into yourself. Practice makes perfect, and being part of the beauty school will help you have the basic knowledge you need to achieve your dream career. Nothing is impossible unless you try. Working hard and smart will always be your guide in this industry. Beauty schools are only there to prepare you, but your skills will make you successful in this career. Fly high and aim for the best.


Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.