4 Reasons Blonde Will Never Go Out Of Style


In this article, according to Inc’s reports, only 2% of the global population is comprised of blonde-haired people. Yet despite this, the presence of blonde-haired females in CEO positions is disproportionately higher than that of other hair colors. You may be wondering why this is even a conversation – well, historically, blondes have been at the heart of many anecdotes and stereotypes.

In fact, blonde hair has been central to conversations around fashion and style for decades now. It remains the most popular hair dye option in countries such as the US and UK, and a huge number of celebrities and public figures, lest we forget the iconic Marilyn Monroe, have eschewed their natural hair color in favor of a golden mane.

Despite this, blonde hair has had its ups and downs. Social media recently declared blonde hair to be “cheugy” and out of style, with fashionistas claiming that 2022 will be all about the dark colors. While blonde’s high fashion appeal may come and go, we think it’ll never go out of style. Here’s why. 

An endless summer look

If we look at Google searches for “dye hair blonde” over time, we can see that such queries hit an all-time high just before the summer of 2020, when everyone was yearning to get out more and relish the summer. Since time immemorial, blonde hair has had associations with summer, sun, sand, and the beach. The bright tones that are naturally bleached by the sun are a summer style that will always be in vogue.

A de-aging hair color

For those looking for easy ways to make themselves look younger, blonde is a good way to go. Southern Living recently ranked “champagne blond” (some have also described this color as “Taylor Swift” blond, for context) as the most effective hair color to go for if you’re looking to shave off a few years. This is because blond hair can make the skin appear clearer and brighter, while also making your eyes truly pop. For this reason, blond ain’t going anywhere. 

An entertainment icon

Needless to say, blonde hair has been a cultural superpower all on its own. There are time-honored examples, such as Rita Hayworth, as well as some more recent and notorious examples like the unforgettably wild Joe Exotic (who sports an eye-catching shaggy blonde mullet). Then there are the self-styled media brands such as Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie. 

In the music charts, the likes of performers such as Dua Lipa and Rita Ora have taken the plunge and dyed their natural brunette locks blonde. Meanwhile, in other sectors of the entertainment industry, the iconography of a quintessentially blonde woman has been used as the main premise, in terms of plot, aesthetic, and character development, throughout many classic casino games. For example, in The Hippodrome Online Casino’s selection of the best UK slots online, one of their top online games is a slot called “Agent Jane Blonde”, where you play a platinum-haired spy on the hunt for missing treasure.

Evidently, being blonde to some is just a popular cultural trend, whilst to others, it’s a key core part of their identity. Despite numerous other fads over the years, the blonde aesthetic lives on strong. It seems that blonde will continue to resonate through popular culture in all sorts of interesting ways.

A versatile style

Blonde is also, contrary to what some might believe, a practical and versatile hairstyle. There are many different options for blond hair, ranging from platinum to strawberry to auburn. Blond hair also looks stunning on all skin tones and on people of all shapes and sizes. It compliments outfits or every possible style and can be tweaked to elevate any look into a truly unforgettable personal style. For this reason, blonde will always be a popular option for men and women of all stripes. 

So, are you thinking of going blonde in 2022? If so, it seems that you would most certainly be in good company. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.