Why Do You Need An Eyelash Shampoo?

Eyelash extension after-care routines are extremely vital and they begin at the salon chair. Along with professional eyelash extension products, like individual mink lashes and eyelash extension glues, lash shampoos are also essential lash products that aim to craft striking and voluminous lashes. Join us as we discuss the importance of using eyelash shampoos and why every lash artist and their client needs to have lash shampoos by their side.

What are Lash Shampoos?

Eyelash extension shampoos are liquid and pump-based products that help cleanse natural lashes. These products can be used before applying individual lash extensions and in daily after-care routines.

Whether it’s for professional lash artists to use at their salons, or novice lash clients wanting to maintain their lash sets, foaming lash shampoos can accommodate any environment.

Why do we need eyelash shampoo?

Removing excess oil, build-up and makeup residue from natural lashes is a must. By cleansing clients’ lashes from extra particles, lash artists can ensure that natural lashes are ready for extension fills.

With no trace of body oils and dust, there is less risk of eye irritation, lash clumping and premature lash fallout. Using eyelash shampoos during and after lash appointments is one of the best ways to upkeep long eyelash extensions for weeks to come.

How to use Lash Shampoos?

Working with lash shampoos is very simple and effortless. Simply pump the foaming cleanser onto a clean mascara wand and lather in the product on the natural lashes. It only takes less than a minute for lash shampoos to do their magic, and the results are clean eyelashes that allow for better attachments.

As lash after-care products, clients can use lash shampoos on a daily basis. Whether it’s in the morning or at night, lash shampoos are gentle products with non-irritating formulas and can work great with all skin types.

Best Lash Shampoos

Knowing the importance of lash shampoos is one part of the equation. Having high-quality eyelash extension shampoos is what seals the deal.

The Stacy Lash Lash Shampoo is a foaming solution made for experienced lash techs and lash clients. The betaine, paraben, alkyl sulfate and fragrance-free formula is delicate on the eyes and removes excess body oils and dust from natural eyelashes. Along with premium formulas and easy use, the Stacy Lash Lash Shampoos have optimal packaging. The 50ml packaging is handy for both at-home and in-salon use, while the larger 1-gallon volume product can be dispensed into smaller bottles and handed to clients after their appointments.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.