Face Mist, Haircare and a Zipped Pouch – Your Beach Bag Essentials


Summer is finally upon us. The demand for flights and bookings for sunny vacations are at all time high this year. It would seem like most of us are opting for a beach holiday or to relax pool side at an exotic resort.

When preparing for a day at the beach it is best to keep it simple and pack light. The last thing you want is to carry a heavy bag around in the heat. Meanwhile, if you are planning to chill by the pool, just carry the essentials with you, to avoid the need to run back and forth to the room all day long.

Beach bags

The first item to start with is the beach bag itself. Make sure the bag is lightweight and comfortable to carry. A tote style bag is the obvious favourite, it allows to you fit in all your necessities for a day in the sun. Cotton is great material for the beach or pool as it dries quickly and can easily be washed. You can’t go wrong with a classic straw bag either, a signature item in everyone’s vacation wardrobe.

Clutch or small purse

We all know how difficult it can be to find smaller items, like keys and wallet inside a large purse. Make you life easier and place important items, such as ID, cards and some cash within a small clutch or zipped pouch. This means you can easily take a walk along the shore line or pop over to the pool bar without having to lug your entire beach bag with you.


We all know the importance of sunscreen, so do not lie out in the sun without it. Choose a sunscreen with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection a high SPF. Take a mist to make reapplying easier throughout the day and to avoid sticky hands. A lip balm with SPF is also an essential in your beach bag.

Beach towel

A large and colourful beach towel is of course a necessity. Some hotels will provide pool towels however, most don’t allow them to be taken to the beach. It is best to have one with you or pick one up at the local markets if you are mixing it up and spending time between beach and pool.

Water bottle

Laying by the pool usually means you will be under the heat of the sun which will lead to dehydration. Take with you an insulated water bottle for a cool drink all day long.


Protect you eyes from and prevent yourself from squinting in the strong sunlight, wear sunglasses.


A hat will protect your face from harmful sun rays as well as looking effortlessly stylish. Choose a hat that reflects your personal style. It could be a cool, sporty baseball cap or a large floppy straw hat, either way it will provide a little shade.

Beach cover-up

A simple beach dress or a multifunctional sarong will be a fashionable way to cover up if you are taking a break from the sun lounger for lunch at the nearby pool bar or beach restaurant.

Facial mist

Spending time in the sun and in the water may leave you skin feeling a little dry. Keep a facial mist in your beach bag for a spritz when you feel the need for some instant hydration. A great tip is to keep it in the refrigerator until you leave to ensure it is cool and refreshing.

Light reading

Lazing by the pool or on the beach is the perfect time for some uninterrupted reading. Choose a latest best-selling book, a book that has been gathering dust on your bedside table or your favourite magazine that you never get the chance to entirely read.


Take a hairbrush to avoid get avoid tangled hair after a swim.  You could even take a nourishing hair conditioner to apply and protect hair from the damaging effects of chlorine and salty water. Slick your hair back at the end of the day into a sleek ponytail and you are ready for the bar.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.