Best Tattoo Removal in Austin, TX


Getting a tattoo is a decision that arises out of personal beliefs, thoughts, and memories. Thus, choosing to get such an imprint on your skin removed is not easy, though sometimes it just has to be done. Maybe you have grown out of that belief or that relation, and the last thing you want is that tattoo to constantly remind you of that. So, off you go looking for a tattoo removal clinic in Austin!

Sure enough, you will find loads of clinics in and around your area. But do any of them tick all the boxes mentioned below?

The experience of the tattoo removal clinic

It is important to know the experience of the technician and the clinic at the same time. How long has that Austin laser tattoo removal clinic been there? What is the total number of sessions completed by the technician? It’s worth remembering that experience builds expertise in this scenario.

Certification in laser tattoo removal process

Since the previous point was about experience, it only makes sense that the next thing to consider is the training or education that the laser technician has received. The nature of training that a technician gets determines the success rate they have with their clients.

Getting certified in laser tattoo removal ensures that the specialists have an in-depth knowledge about tattoo removal, along with an experience with handling lasers. Hands-on experience and classroom training during a certification help hone the skills of a technician and bring more precision to the work.

The type of laser used for tattoo removal

The nature of the laser used also tends to impact the success and your experience in tattoo removal. It is necessary for the chosen method to be widely recognized in the industry for success and reliability.

As such, Removery relies PicoWay laser technology to safely fade or remove unwanted tattoos. It involves a technology that can get in and out of your skin at a quicker rate than the commonly used Q-switch laser. After all, one picosecond is equal to one trillionth of a second. This fast rate makes the ink break down into small particles that the immune system of the body can eliminate faster.

The before and after pictures of tattoo removal

Any well-reputed and fully functioning tattoo removal clinic will have records of individuals with their before and after images. Now, you are not looking for photos from the laser manufacturer. You want to look at actual before and after images of the work done by your technician – non-edited and non-filtered.

The risks of laser tattoo removal

Based on the laser technology and the tattoo size, there are several side effects that might occur, and you need to understand what those side effects are. For instance, your skin might have some redness that looks like mild sunburn, which is a feel that typically subsides within a few hours.

The best part of Picoway laser is that there are no scars. If you can follow the after care instructions keenly, your chances of scarring are even less.

The pain of getting a tattoo removed

One of the concerns that make most people opt out of tattoo removal is the pain associated with the removal procedure. Particularly, this question is crucial to ask as different clinics might resort to using different ways to address the pain. With the right methods used to reduce pain, your tattoo removal experience will change dramatically.

The total number of treatments needed

Before you think of removing that unwanted tattoo, you should know how long it is going to take to remove the tattoo. Each tattoo and individual are different. Thus, your technician can only be the one to tell you how long your ink will need. It depends on body placement, ink colors, tattoo age, ink density and quality, and individual response to treatments.

The cost of removing your tattoo

Usually, the price of tattoo removal depends on the treatment needed. The technician looks at all the factors mentioned above, such as the size of the tattoo, the color of the ink, and so on, to inform you about the costs. You will be charged per session, and the bigger tattoos will need more sessions, which naturally means that it is going to cost more. Also, smaller tattoos are usually removed in one session, which makes the process cost less.

It is better to know about the price beforehand so that you are not facing nasty surprises regarding the price later on.

The differentiating factor of the clinic

Now, there are so many tattoo removal clinics in Austin. What makes your chosen clinic stand out? The answer to this question should be general care, customer services, technology, and experience. You deserve a clinic that puts the clients first and understands that removing a tattoo is not really an easy decision for anyone. So, when you have taken the step, you deserve the best possible results from the treatment.

The reviews of the tattoo removal clinic

Of course, there cannot be any tattoo removal clinic anywhere that hasn’t got even one negative review. But in a good and reliable center, the reviews are positive and glorious for the most part. You would notice how the previous clients of the clinic are talking about the technicians and their work. In fact, some of those reviews might even have actual photos from these clients.

The Best Tattoo Removal in Austin, TX

So, are you on the lookout for a clinic that ticks all the boxes mentioned above and then some? Well, look no further because Removery is here to help you get rid of those unwanted tattoos. Why live with regrettable ink when you can have a clear canvas with the advanced PicoWay laser technology?

Get in touch with the experts at Removery right away and avail of the services of a specialized clinic in laser tattoo removal. Come in for the first session and let the technician examine your tattoo to begin the journey of tattoo removal.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.