How to Get in Shape for Summer

Bikini season is almost here! That means it’s time to get in shape. But what is the best way to get in shape and prepare for the summertime? There are numerous ways to get yourself in shape from a good workout regimen to a healthy diet to ensuring you have a large amount of water intake. It really takes a balance of all these elements to lose weight and be your healthiest version of you in time for bikini season. Of course, the most important thing about being healthy is feeling healthy, and it can be hard to feel healthy if you aren’t getting the nutrients your body needs. That’s where protein powders and supplements come in.

It’s extremely important to add a reliable protein powder into your diet, one that allows you to build protein while also offering balanced nutritional value. And, frankly, most protein powders claim that they are healthy for you while actually falling far short. Many contain additives, sweeteners, and artificial flavoring in place of valuable nutrients. I was actually stuck trying to find a good protein powder to compliment my workout routine until I found Naked Nutrition. Naked nutrition was really a game changer for me and has helped me tremendously in preparing my body for bikini season aka summer!

First thing’s first! It’s crucial to have a reliable workout routine that works for you. And it’s important to not only commit but to give 100% to your workout regimen for the best results. That’s where Naked Nutrition’s Naked Energy Citrus Pre Workout Supplement comes in! Unlike many pre-workout powders, Naked Nutrition’s is clean, vegan, free of GMOs and additives, and doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners. I really found that this gave me that extra edge to my workout. It’s loaded with B Vitamins that helped give me an extra boost of energy. I found that it helped improve my focus and clarity while I was working out, and with caffeine, beta-alanine, and creatine, it helped promote faster recovery for me, too. I found that I had less down time between workouts. With the enhancements I saw to my regimen, I highly recommend you try Naked Nutrition’s Pre Workout Supplement, as well.

Your workout is one part of getting in great shape for summer, but nutrition is another very important part of being your healthiest self in time for bikini season! That means enjoying supplements that don’t just say they are good for you, but ones that are actually healthy and nutritious. And I found that Naked Nutrition’s Pea Protein Powder is just that: simple yet healthy. You see, unlike most protein powders, Naked Pea contains one simple ingredient. Can you guess what it is? It’s pea protein extract from yellow split peas grown in the US and Canada with a focus on sustainability. Pea protein is easily absorbed by the body, so it’s an excellent vegan alternative to whey protein. I’ve found it to be an excellent boost in protein intake and a great way to lose weight and gain muscles. I’ve been mixing my Naked Pea Protein Powder with oat milk, and I’ve already seen such a difference in my body after just a week of use.

So, when getting back in shape for summertime, it’s important to remember that the healthiest version of you is the one that feels the best. Taking simple, healthy supplements without any unnecessary additives is an important part of this. For that, we recommend adding Naked Nutrition into your routine so you can be your best you this summer!

Written by Malorie Mackey
Malorie Mackey is an actress and writer living in Los Angeles, CA. Malorie's first published book entitled "My Playboy Story: Hopping from Richmond to Hollywood" was published in 2017. Since then, Malorie's short story "What Love Has Taught Me" has been published in the anthology "Choices," and she has been writing and blogging about travel and adventure in hopes to publish her next book about travel soon. She believes that everyone should enjoy a little adventure in their lives. Check out