5 Sure Shot Ways to Get Real Instagram Likes


The social site “Instagram” is used by almost 10 million people all over the world and has become a significant source of getting in touch with the world with just one click. It is fun posting, sharing, liking the pictures and videos, and following as many people as we want. It’s a great source to show the world your talent by posting it.

For business brands, it works as a primary source in helping them sell and advertise their brand but it’s not just about posting something and then leaving it on its own. Many brands need to work hard over it to get more real likes and real followers on Instagram to advertise their products.

Everyone wants to become famous and wants more and more likes on Instagram but how is it possible? By getting fake followers from fake companies? No, it’s not legal.

Many other ways can help you get real Instagram likes and believe me, you won’t even have to go to those influencer marketers to give a certain amount to buy fake followers. By using these crazy techniques, you’ll surely see positive results and more likes on your posts.

Some of the craziest guidelines to have more real Instagram likes are mentioned below:

Share Something Unique

We post many videos and photos daily but what if those pictures do not get any likes? It’s better to post less sometimes but unique. People get more attracted towards colored pictures, try to post a contrasted colored picture that clicks the attention of the viewer and force them to like your picture.

Use filters to make your image more noticeable; you can do this by using Instagram filters as well. Moreover, this Instagram has also introduced three new filters boomerang, focus, and superzoom and in my opinion, they are top trending and the most attention-getting stories on Instagram. Play with all these filters to increase your like automatically.

Add Hashtags

Want to become more noticeable on Instagram, and then nothing could be better than using hashtags with your pictures. Enter as many relevant hashtags as you can but don’t use the same hashtags for every picture.

Hashtags help people find you more often even the non-followers. Insert the hashtags by adding two or three important tags in your picture. Engage with people through your hashtags, avoid using #likeforlike because this will show you a mean person who is just posting the pictures to get more likes and people will mostly not like your pictures. Hashtags are an excellent option to get more real likes on Instagram. USE THEM WISELY!

Post At The Right Time

It’s imperative to post at the right time. The right time to post anything on Instagram is between 12 am- 1 am and midnight because this is the time excessive users are scrolling over Instagram and as they’ll open Instagram your picture, video or post will be viewed to them on the top.

First, analyze that when you get most of the like from the whole day and then try different times to post anything. Add the content that mostly the people like and you’ll surely become more noticeable over Instagram and likewise get more likes.

Run a Giveaway Contest Often

It’s an excellent way to engage with people by having contests on Instagram like giveaways or like to win etc. people are mostly attracted towards their favorite free products.

You can ask in the description to like, follow and comment on the picture to win this giveaway. These lines will attract the attention of the viewers, and they will like your picture.

You can also mention there to tag their friends to follow your page, and surely the more followers will follow you, the more likes you’ll get. You can take your own example like if you see a post on Instagram saying that they’ll give you a free flight to your favorite destination, you just have to follow and like their picture.

Would you do that? Yes of course. Who won’t do that? So it’s just a seductive type game that will gain the attention of as many people on Instagram as it could, and these contests will probably help you to have a massive number of likes on your pictures or videos. 

Get Instagram Likes Online Without Earning Them Naturally

This is another way to get more likes for your Instagram photo but in a legal way. The likes are not fake but real, and the best part is that you can get Instagram likes without spending a single penny. There are many apps online that can help you gain more likes on your post.

Thanks to development companies like https://jatapp.com/services/mobile-app-development/, there are online apps that give Instagram likes for free and from real people. They do not cost a single penny, but they ask you to give likes on other Instagram posts to get likes on your post. As many like as you give to other posts, apps like like4like will return those likes to you on your own post, and this way you can increase your Instagram like naturally.


Hope you now have a clear understanding of how real Instagram likes work and how you can achieve popularity for your brand or site. Last but not least I would say, be it Instagram or Facebook, always follow a proper process to feed your audience and provide them the value they expect to see on these social media sites. If you follow my advice you may never have the issue of Instagram likes and shares, and people will naturally engage with your Instagram page. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.