10 Fantastic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Boyfriend in 2022

Looking for the perfect gift that men will appreciate—and actually use—can be challenging, especially if they have a specific taste. Now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, it’s time to start picking presents that will 100 percent make their hearts flutter. Take a thing or two from these 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas, and let the gift hunting begin!

1.  All-In-One Docking Station

A docking station is the perfect no-brainer gift for the boyfriend who wants something practical. There are cool docking stations that can charge gadgets and house all the essentials, such as keys, watches, glasses, and even wallets. It’s a must-have for those who misplace their stuff all the time. Now, that’s one less thing they can worry about!

2.  Custom Apparel

For couples with a certain sense of humor, some personalized clothing will surely remind them of their partner—in a hilarious yet sweet way. Think printing a picture of your face all over a pair of socks or a collage of couple photos on a snuggly blanket. Talk about an unforgettable gift!

3.  Comfy Sportswear 


For the boyfriend who’s into sports or fitness, it’s a great idea to get him that sports gear he’s been meaning to buy for himself. Whether that’s a sturdy pair of running shoes or a cell phone armband case, he’ll surely appreciate the gesture and the gift itself!

4.  Daily Sunscreen

No one can deny the benefits of sunscreen. In fact, we need sunscreen even while staying indoors to protect ourselves from UVA, UVB, and blue light radiation! This is essential for those who love spending time outdoors as it protects against sunburn, early aging, and skin damage.

Whether they’re outdoorsy or a homebody, men can use and benefit from an effective unscented sunscreen lotion that has all the right skin-friendly ingredients.

5.  Bluetooth Record Player

For men who are serious about their tunes, try upgrading their turntable or get them one for the first time. One of the latest features that most record players have is Bluetooth. This makes listening to records more convenient as it can be connected to Bluetooth devices, like a speaker or a pair of headphones. Some record players can even convert records to digital files!

6.  Medieval Flintlock Pistol

Geeky about pistols? Get them a medieval flintlock pistol to add to their collection. For the gun collector boyfriend, getting him a sleek vintage piece should get him giddy with excitement. Whether he wants to use it as props for his next cosplay or a stunning décor for his man cave, it’s a gift he won’t mind receiving and keeping!

7.  Gaming Console

What’s a Valentine’s gift that a gamer boyfriend will surely love? Of course, a gaming console! But choosing one is easier said than done, especially for a girlfriend who has no clue about gaming.

So what’s really the best game console to get? That depends on his preference. If he wants something portable, a Nintendo Switch will suit him fine. But if he’s more of a couch potato, a Playstation or an Xbox should give him the best experience.

8.  Mini Projector

Movie buffs will love to receive a portable projector they can set up in the comforts of their home! There are a variety of affordable mini projectors that do the job of producing high-quality pictures. This is the perfect gift for couples who love to chill at home while watching their favorite movie or Netflix show.

9.  Cooking Knives

Good friends laughing and talking while preparing meals at table full of vegetables and pasta ready for cooking in kitchen

For those who have a professional or an aspiring chef for a beau, gifting him with an awesome cooking knives set is undoubtedly a *chef’s kiss* move! It’s best to check out what’s been stalling in his cart for a long time now. Or make the gift personalized by having his initials engraved on the knives.

10. Nice Cologne

Men love their scents, so it is a great idea to gift them one for Valentine’s. While getting them a new perfume is great, sticking to their favorite is the smarter move. So before making that purchase, it helps to do a little research on their aromatic preference first.


They say “it’s the thought that counts,” but it shouldn’t hurt to go the extra mile for your significant other. It’s best to choose a present they’ll use, keep, and remember for a long time.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.