Men’s Fashion Tips for a Glamorous Casino Night Out


Few men in the world wouldn’t want to indulge in all that a special night out at a luxurious casino has to offer. Apart from the games, this setting offers a unique experience that fulfills our fantasies, and fashion is a large part of it. The dress code and the bling will make you feel like a movie star. After all, it’s not every day that we can dress like James Bond in Casino Royale and go full ‘gentleman style’.

Therefore, if you are preparing to treat yourself to a glamorous night out at a casino, you should look to dress accordingly. Here are some basic tips on how to make your casino experience genuinely unforgettable.

1 Choose the right attire

Dressing appropriately for the occasion should be the number one priority for you if you’re going to a fancy casino. In many gambling establishments, you will not be able to enter if you are not wearing a smart jacket, at the very least. 

However, for a full gentleman display, you should get a tuxedo. Looking like a million dollars will help you feel confident and comfortable in the environment, so you’ll be able to focus on playing the games and enjoying yourself.

However, getting a tuxedo takes proper attention and effort. Take your time, try out different outfits, and if you can, invest in tailoring your suit. ‘A gentleman never talks about his tailor.’ – a famous singer once said. That’s how much having a finely tailored suit is valuable. Having your custom-made suit is going to be a game-changer in the long run since you can wear it on many different special occasions.

After choosing your suit, you should make sure that your shoes match it. Finding out how to match your shoes with your suit shouldn’t be a problem since instructions are abundant online; also, your tailor or a salesperson will advise you on looking sharp in your shoes.

2 Be comfortable

Looking good is nearly impossible if you are not feeling comfortable. Therefore, you should do everything so that you feel well in what you are wearing and about where you are.

Firstly, make sure that you are well-prepared in every sense of that word. Research the dress code, find out about the service, the prices of drinks, and food so that you can plan how much you want to spend for the night and not be surprised. Make sure you are acquainted with the etiquette of being in a casino – what’s appropriate to do or say in different places and occasions, as well as what isn’t. And, most importantly, equip yourself with knowledge. Information on slot machine tips to win may just get you that huge jackpot to complement your suit.

Apart from making sure that you feel comfortable about being in a casino, you should also make sure that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Now that you have your suit, you should put it on a couple of times before the actual event and walk around the house a bit to make sure that you get used to wearing it. Also, pick comfortable shoes. Choosing the shoes that match your suit isn’t enough if you’re going to be walking on blisters.

3 Pay attention to details

A stylish attire is complete only when rounded with the appropriate details. Your trademark style shines through only when you complete your attire with these final components.

Choose a suitable tie or bowtie. Make sure that it matches your handkerchief if you’re wearing one. Next, equip yourself with a stylish belt. You can match your belt either with your shoes, which is a traditional approach, or your suit. Finally, you should pick out the appropriate watch. 

Choosing these components isn’t about going as shiny as you can. Sometimes less is more. Pay attention to the cut of your suit. Going without a tie or a bowtie may complement it better than squeezing them in. If your suit is best complemented by a tie or a bowtie, find an elegant design that will further highlight your suit. Furthermore, picking out an elegant yet less conspicuous watch could complement your style even more. Avoid huge watches that take up most of your wrist and hand. Your suit should cover most but not all of your watch. Therefore, being stylish is all about being subtle. Also, if your shirt supports cufflinks, they are a great way of achieving a subtlety that conveys your style to those you meet.

4 Match but not overmatch

You should match the components of your attire to create a flow. However, you don’t want to overmatch so that everything you are wearing is the same dull thing. If you’re wearing a black tuxedo and black shoes, your cut needs to be fashionable and sleek. If you’re wearing a colored suit, you need to make sure that you create rhythm with other details. Introduce a different color with your watch or belt that complements the rest of it, or flaunt a detail that will convey your bold style.


Fashion is a large part of any occasion, and without it, the experience is somehow not complete. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a gala night out at a casino like a real gentleman, you should make sure that you turn heads once you boast your carefully chosen suit on that red carpet.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.