Tennis And Physique (Is That Really Important?)


Tennis is a sport of evolution. From traditional racquet technology to modern improved training methods and equipment, Tennis has changed over the years. As such, a different type of tennis is played today: it is faster, has more power, and has shorter points.

It is no surprise, therefore, that tennis players have had to adapt to these changes. Now you will see many tennis players lifting weights and engaging in strength training activities. Trainers are also changing their strategies by substituting long slow movements and runs for short explosive drills.

This brings us to the question, why are tennis trainers and players focusing on enhancing the physique? And is physique really that important in tennis?

The Simple Answer Is Yes!

There are six physical demands that a Tennis player must meet today. These include flexibility, strength and power, speed and agility, optimal body composition, dynamic balance, and aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

Of the six, speed and agility and dynamic balance are the most significant. Aerobic and anaerobic fitness are also substantial. Why? A Tennis player spends roughly 5 hours on the court running and moving around.

Therefore, they need speed and balance to keep up with their opponents and aerobic and anaerobic fitness to stay vital for the entire 5 hours. This is where physique comes in. Typically, the human body comes in three primary forms: the ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph.

  • The ectomorphs are thin and have smaller bone structures, faster metabolism, high tolerance to carbohydrates, shorter limbs, and a lower propensity to gain muscles.
  • The endomorphs have high-fat amounts and body mass, large bone structure, and they store calories more readily because of a low tolerance to carbohydrates.
  • The mesomorphs have an athletic build with a medium-sized bone structure, can have lean muscle levels when active because growth hormone and testosterone allow them to build muscles quickly. This is the category most athletes fit into.

It is common to fall under a mix of the three primary categories, especially as you grow older or fitter and transition your body. For instance, you can be ecto-mesomorph (gain muscles when in training and lose them when inactive) or endo mesomorph (gain muscles when training and store fat easily when inactive).

This is why any Tennis player needs to know their body type, skeletal system, and body composition. The body composition and the skeletal system of any player will directly affect their performance. Here’s how:

●     The Skeletal System

The skeletal system supports your entire body, gives it the perfect structure, stores essential minerals, and protects your sensitive organs like the heart and the lungs. This is also the system that produces the blood cells you need for your body to function optimally.

Thus, the skeletal system can affect how good you are at Tennis. For instance, tennis players in the London Olympic Games in 2012 were taller than the average Olympians that shared the same weight.

●     The Body Composition

Body composition is defined as the percentage of bone, fat, and muscle in the body of any human.  Usually, doctors use body composition to determine whether an individual’s weight is healthy regarding their body.

In sports, your body composition will affect all the components of your fitness level. For instance, strong muscles allow the tennis player to perform movements with power and efficiency. And since Tennis uses all body muscles, every player needs proper training if they are to compete.

This is why female tennis players like Serena Williams have big thighs. The muscle build-up in their legs allows them to generate power in every serve through leg drive, timing, and a reaction of the hips and upper body to the leg drive. Strong legs help to generate pace and spin.

In Conclusion

The mesomorph body type is ideal for tennis players because it provides an ectomorph’s high endurance and metabolism and the natural muscle and athletic ability of an endomorph. Nonetheless, if you can train your body to gain the endurance, natural athleticism, and natural muscle of an athlete, you will play Tennis with the needed power as well.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.