Amazing Gift Ideas To Make Your Dear Ones Happy This Christmas


Once Halloween passes, many of us would like a nice break where we can relax, deal with our candy hangovers, and minimize our socialization for as long as we need to recover. More often than not, however, we know we’ve got to get ready for the next holiday wave that’s coming: Christmas.

All too soon, there will be jingles on the radio and intense lineups at the stores, and things selling out. Before we know it, we’ll be in the midst of winter and trying to figure out how to visit with all the people we need to visit within the short time off work we have. The following will explore a few gift ideas that can help spread holiday cheer to your loved ones and are easy to get your hands on ahead of schedule.

Something To Read

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that we all need a little time when things are slow, and we can enjoy the simple pleasures. Finding the right novel for someone specials doesn’t have to be difficult. There are mass-review sites that compile people’s responses to books, so it’s pretty easy to find what is striking a chord with most readers. The year’s most popular books are a great place to start, but you can also use many book sites to search for books that are similar to one that the person you’re shopping for loved. This way, you can get something new for them with the vibe of a novel they already adore.

There’s nothing quite like a cozy afternoon curled up with a book that someone selected just for you. And, given how many people are eager to step away from their screens for a little bit of time during the holidays or in their regular life, this gift facilitates an analog rest in this digital world.

Something That Sets The Atmosphere

No matter who a person is, there’s the right mood and ambiance for them. Think about what energies and moods the person you’re shopping for tends to prefer or gravitate towards and then seek out items that they can keep at home that help cultivate the feelings they’re so drawn to. This might mean picking up a few colourful wax melt burners or a crystal lamp. It might mean a plant for your friend that is obsessed with having a green home. It might be an air filter for that poor soul with comically brutal allergies. It might be a lava lamp for that friend who would really enjoy a lava lamp—you know the one.

Taking into consideration someone’s tastes and the emotions they most like to settle into can show a genuine understanding of them and result in a gift that’s full of tenderness. Helping someone feel like their home is warm and inviting and just right for them can mean giving a gift that lasts years.

Something That Is Yummy

Of course, the holidays are also a time to enjoy good food with friends. For Christmas, you can get something that bolsters cooking for the chef in your friend group, like a fancy hot sauce or some rare spices. But you can get something tasty for anyone and everyone. Chocolates are classic for a good reason, but there are so many other delicious options to consider. As well, if you have a friend or family member who is far from their first home this holiday season, nothing is sweeter than tracking down and ordering some treats from their first home. During the holidays, people miss their childhoods and their families extra, which can make Christmas an emotional time for many, but a little slice of home can help soothe those harder holiday feelings.

Something To Wear

This category of gift is a little tricky, so it shouldn’t be resorted to unless you know a person well enough to know what sort of clothing items they like. Cozy scarves, thick sweaters, the same pair of aviators your friend already has, but in a different colour—there are a lot of lovely fashion-based gifts. It’s also worth noting that any person who has recently moved from teenager to adult and has been living on their own for a short period of time (say, between a week and five years) probably needs new socks. 

Something Nostalgic

This is a category of gift that is completely underutilized. Getting someone something that they associate with their youth, ideally with the youth you shared together, can make for a fantastic present. This could mean a manga that you and your best buddy read obsessively as kids. It might mean an action figure from that video game with terrible graphics you guys played for hours. There’s space for a lot of humour in this category as well. You’d be surprised how easy it is to track down posters or collectable cards or items like pencil cases with teenage heartthrobs from eras passed on them. Nostalgic gifts are great because they’re not only something funny or sweet to enjoy in the present moment, they’re also a reminder of the good times shared in the past.

A Note About Buying Gifts For Children

When it comes to Christmas, nothing adds ecstatic cheer to the day than having little ones running around who are eager to open gifts. Kids are also a ton of fun to shop for. This being said, before making a purchase for a child, it’s really important that you check in with their parents to figure out what they are open to their kid having and what they’re not. Many parents today are struggling in the midst of an aggressive bombardment of digital and stationary activities for kids and might be striving to pull their kids away from certain interests which are less healthy towards others that will have long-term benefits. Some parents want only toys that double as something education. Some parents are avoiding plastic like the plague. Some parents just want no more stuffed animals because they’ve got seemingly a hundred and have no idea where to keep them.

The above tips should help you find a gift for everyone on your list. You can choose to select an inexpensive item from each category on this list to create a gift bundle for someone or go all out in a single area.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.