The Brightest Colors of Leather Jackets to Try This Winter

When you think of leather jackets, the image that forms in your mind is a black or brown leather jacket. But in 2021, everyone needs to catch up to the new fashion trends and styles. One of them is the brightly colored leather jackets that are now very much trendy. These new, bright colors in leather jackets help to make you stand out from the rest.

The pastel or bright colors have been modern this year, and thus this winter is the perfect opportunity for you to try out the most colorful colors of leather jackets. The ideal color, style, and size of a leather jacket can help make you different from everyone else, and you will be that trendy cool person this winter. If you are looking for some ideas of colors to make you look the best version of yourself, keep reading, and you might find a good suggestion.

1. Green Leather Jacket

Green leather jackets come in all tints and shades, ranging from darker green to pastel-colored ones. Green color portrays optimism and pleasantness, so green is your perfect color if you have a hint of these two qualities in you. They tend to look good in any shade, shape, and size, such as an everyday biker leather jacket or a green bomber jacket.
The green leather jackets are somewhat familiar but not as common as the black leather jackets. This color has been around for longer than the rest, and it is effortless to pull this shade off over a white shirt or sweater and black pants or skirt. Whereas a pastel green leather jacket can look good on any printed dress.
Green is the most accessible and convenient colored jacket, especially if you are skeptical about trying out any other brighter or unique colors.

2. Blue Leather Jacket

A much new color in leather jackets are the different tints and shades of blue. With the pastel to a darker or lighter blue color, these leather jackets make you stand out from the rest with the leathery texture and the color that is very unusual for a leather jacket.
Blue is a color that brings about the feeling of peace, serenity, harmony, and courteousness. It is the most common color of nature. Blue color helps bring about a sense of calmness, so it is very famous among people who want peace and harmony in their lives.
If you seek the same sense of aura to be around you, then blue is your color this winter. To follow a fashion trend while also following your preference is something everyone wants.

3. Red Leather Jacket

Finally, coming onto one of the brightest colors that leather jackets come in, red. If you have worn black leather jackets your whole life, this is the perfect time to experience a change. It won’t only change your entire look but also bring about a slight difference in your personality since red is the color that represents passion, power, and dominance.
Red is often believed to be a women’s color, but men can too wear a red leather jacket. If you want to look bold and beautiful while making yourself stand out from the rest, red is the perfect color for you. All you need to do is pair it up with a black shirt and black pants. You will look as fierce as ever.
The red leather jacket is one of the perfect opportunities for those people who are not just confident but also want to look satisfied with the way they dress.

4. Brown or Tan Leather Jacket

Another standard but bright color of leather jackets is the lighter tone of brown, also known as a tan. This lighter brown helps in representing endurance, humility, and a higher reliability level.
The color tan brings about a sense of likability or friendliness among men and women. Thus if you are going for a more friendly and approachable look, then this is the color for you. Whereas if you want to get the old school look, you should go for a darker brown color. You can wear brown with either black or white shirt, dress or skirts and it will look as fashionable as ever.

5. Silver or White Leather Jacket

One of the most unusual colors of leather jackets is silver or different tones of white. Leather has always been darker, like black or brown, so a silver or white leather jacket is something very new to everyone.
So if you are going for the flamboyant and flashy look, then go for silver or white leather jackets. The color white portrays friendliness, or in the case of leather jackets, it represents that you are a risk-taker. If you can pull off white or silver, then you are the natural risk-taker.

6. Maroon Leather Jacket

Maroon is another bright color of the leather jackets. This shade of red can overpower others, yet anyone can pull off this look quite easily. Maroon is the hue that can look good with any color, whether blue or black pants or that white or pink shirt you have in your closet. The color maroon in leather jackets gives an edginess to your whole look.

Parting note

The colors mentioned above are just a smaller range of colors that leather jackets are now coming in. You need to try many shades this winter and follow the trend of 2021. Winter is almost here, and it is the right time for you to get your hands on these brightly colored leather jackets as soon as possible.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.