Lifestyle & Beauty Hacks for Winter


Winter is almost here, and that means all sorts of great things, like holiday parties, special meals, a few extra days off work, and time with family.

Unfortunately, the frigid months also bring some not so beloved things along with them, like chapped lips and hands, dry facial skin, seasonal illnesses, and other unwanted visitors. What are some of the more effective lifestyle and beauty hacks you can employ to minimize winter’s negatives? In addition to lotions and serums, there are relaxing routines like warm baths, thermal clothing, and more. Here’s a quick holiday time roundup of techniques for looking and feeling your very best as the new year approaches.

Hand Lotion

Long a staple for people with sensitive hands, some of the newer hand lotion products on the market are excellent at shielding hands from biting cold, dry air. Our hands and faces often receive the most punishment when temperatures plunge. A high-quality hand lotion, is one of the tips dermatologists want you to know about sensitive skin, and applying it before going outside, can stop damage before it happens. Even as a nightly application, a good lotion can keep hands from looking wrinkled and dried out.

Vitamin C Face Serum

Our faces usually take the brunt of dry, cold, December winds. That means skin that looks older that it is, appears to be uneven, and lacks tone. That’s where the expression weathered skin came from. High-quality face serum enriched with vitamin C is one way to defeat those cold blasts of dry air and keep them from doing long-term damage to your face. The good news is that you can buy this type of face serum online and get bright-looking complexion that’s both smooth and toned after applying just a few drops. Those who care about their skin already know the many benefits of vitamin C, so the next step is to put the vitamin to work for you before the cold weather hits.


Sometimes, we’re so worried about the outdoor air and its potential for damaging our skin that we forget about indoor humidity. Seasonal dryness affects your home, no matter how high you set the thermostat. A simple, inexpensive solution to indoor dry air is a humidifier. Shop for better brands and look for units that include timers and filtered water compartments.

Aromatherapy Baths

Warm, relaxing baths are a good reason to look forward to winter. Some working adults take a bath every evening as a way to unwind from the travails of the day and soothe muscle tightness. One way to ramp up the relaxation effect is to add one or two drops of aromatherapy essential oils to the water before getting into the tub. Choose whichever products appeal to you. Popular choices include lavender and ginger, which help many people relax completely while soaking in the warm water. Be sure to add the oils while mixing your bath. Otherwise, you run the risk of making direct skin contact with the rather powerful substances in the tiny bottles. Play it safe and always fully mix the aromatherapy drops so they’re fully dispersed before you get into the water.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.